The Connector’s Way: A Story About Building Business One Relationship at a Time by Patrick Galvin

These are my favorite passages from the book “The Connector’s Way:A Story About Building Business; One Relationship at a Time by Patrick Galvin

“All examples involving technology in The Connector’s Way demonstrate how it can be used to strengthen rather than replace how we connect personally.” 

“The good spirits were hard for Robert to fathom. Some partygoers had oxygen tanks strapped to their wheelchairs. Most looked quite frail. He wondered how a group of people facing the challenges of old age could be so positive and energetic.” 

“Looking around for something more uplifting to read, he noticed a small bookcase in a corner with a small handwritten sign on top: “Fuller’s CaféLittle Free Library. Please take a book and leave one that inspired you.” 

“She gave each of them a hug, asking about their families and their health. To some, she inquired why it had been so long since they last stopped in. She listened closely and asked thoughtful questions in response. It struck Robert that she really cared about each and every customer.”

“Robert watched closely as she worked her way around the room, chatting with customers, laughing at their jokes, and doling out chocolate-covered espresso beans with every cup she poured. She brought such joy to everything that she did that her customers couldn’t help but smile.” 

“She has such a gift for making all her customers feel special.” 

“As the two men talked, Janice continued to circulate around the restaurant refilling coffee cups and making each customer feel like the most important person in the world. “I’m learning so much about customer service just from watching Janice in action,” Robert said.” 

“Robert thanked Stan again and hung up the phone. He immediately went online and ordered a bouquet of fresh flowers for Stan’s wife. This simple act of kindness made him feel great—even better than the business referral he had received from Stan.” 

“He listened attentively as she described a disagreement she’d had that day with her boss, and he empathized with her frustration. Usually, when Marion shared her workplace frustrations, Robert cut her off to suggest solutions. However, having experienced how conscious listening had helped him connect better with May and Stan, he decided to try the same approach at home. Marion had no idea what had caused Robert’s sudden change in behavior, but she hoped that it would continue.” 

“It’s pretty simple, actually. I’m a tree teacher first and a tree trimmer second.” “What do you mean by that?” Terry explained that many of his large competitors didn’t see much value in sharing their knowledge with customers. Instead, they tried to win market share with advertising and discounting. In contrast, he believed it was much more important to educate customers and provide stellar service. He was convinced that this approach had helped Treeology become one of the most successful local tree care companies.” 

“If a small business like Treeology could adapt its style of communication to the needs and wants of its customers, why couldn’t Hanson Insurance Agency do the same?” 

“You’d be surprised at how many people will contribute to a worthy cause when you ask.” Albert nodded. “I used to just put money in Scott’s bucket. But when I saw how much fun he and his employees were having, I just had to join them. Now I wouldn’t miss this holiday tradition for anything.” 

“Scott laughed. “I’m with you. I keep telling people that we’re not getting older; it’s just that everyone else is getting younger!” Scott explained that the club’s diversity was reflected in its leadership over the past few years. Three of the last five club presidents had been women or minorities. Diversity in club leadership had helped it attract diverse members over the past decade.” 

encourage members to pass leads to one another,” Albert said. “We focus on ‘Service Above Self.’ As Rotarians, we have many opportunities to get involved in Rotary service projects in our communities and overseas.” 

“But I know from experience that the personal cards I mail always get opened and make an impact. People let me know!” 

“An hour later they turned onto a winding gravel road that led to a three-story home built in a sturdy Bavarian style, with solid wood beams and a whitewashed exterior, decorated with baskets of fuchsias and other brightly colored flowers. Situated on the edge of a meadow, it had a gorgeous view of jagged granite peaks. It looked like it had been there for centuries.” 

“He had recently read about the positive benefits of meditation. Now, settling comfortably into a leather recliner in the corner of his office, Robert set the timer on his phone, leaned back, closed his eyes, and began to breathe deeply. He focused his thoughts on everything that was going well in his life and visualized what would improve in the future. He pictured his agency thriving, thanks to the loyalty and referrals of satisfied clients. When his mind began to wander, he concentrated on the many things that made him feel grateful. Ten minutes later, the bell chimed on his phone. Robert felt energized and ready to put the many new ideas that he and his team had discussed into action.” 

“It’s really not hard. I use the power of visualization. I associate names with physical objects and stories. For instance, the first time I met Mike, he told me great stories about his daughter Jill. While I certainly won’t win any prizes for creativity, I associate Mike’s name with a microphone. I’ll never forget Mike or Jill’s names because I imagine a microphone walking up the hill with Jill to fetch a pail of water.” 

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He said he tried to elevate other people as much as possible when introducing them to others. “I’ve noticed something else tonight,” Robert said. “Some people jump quickly from one conversation to another, as if they are trying to meet as many people as possible. You take your time and seem to enjoy drawing people into long conversations.” 

“:questions and listening carefully, I learn a lot. For instance, I always try to figure out what a person wants to achieve. When I focus on helping people reach their goals, it’s a sure thing that many will want to do business with me and will send their friends my way.” 

“Success comes from taking a genuine interest in others—and not worrying about turning every conversation into a business opportunity.” 

“With that in mind, Robert found Anthony Sanderson’s LinkedIn profile and sent him this connection request: I had a wonderful time yesterday. You’ve inspired me to host a similar series of events at my agency in the coming year, and I’d be honored to have you as our first speaker. I’ll be in touch soon to set things up. In the meantime, it would be great to stay connected on LinkedIn.” 

“It’s important that you make it heartfelt and specific. Focus on a few things that make Kate a great realtor, based on the experiences you’ve had with her.” 

“Robert, how are you?” A smile was audible in Kate’s voice. “Your LinkedIn recommendation was such a terrific way to start the day. Thank you so much.” Robert’s recommendation was particularly meaningful, she explained, because she hadn’t asked him to write it—indeed, it was only the second unsolicited LinkedIn recommendation she had received. “I would love to have lunch with you next week,” said Kate. “My treat, of course!” 

Helping you pursue your passion is the right thing to do.” Peter still couldn’t quite believe what he was hearing. He thanked Robert profusely before bounding out of his boss’s office. 

“Helping Peter move on to something that inspires him is the right thing to do. He’s been a loyal employee, so he deserves our support. The agency benefits, too. His long-term clients won’t feel like they’re being abandoned, because Peter will help transition them to their new agents. “To grow the agency, we can’t just keep on doing what we’ve always done. Everybody needs to be creative and willing to build relationships that fuel our growth. Encouraging Peter to pursue his passion for teaching makes sense for him—and for us.” 

“It’s not your fault,” Robert said. “I should have realized years ago that I needed help to turn the agency around —but I was too proud to reach out and ask for it.” “Here, Robert, take this.” Fred handed him an old brass key. “In that desk drawer, you’ll find the most valuable lessons that I learned from your great-grandfather. I wrote them down nearly seventy years ago, and they are just as important today as they were then. One of my life’s greatest joys has been sharing these principles with people who need them. “Some folks I’ve shared the list with have told me that the principles are too simplistic. They mistakenly believe that complex strategies and tactics are necessary for business success. But time and time again I’ve seen how your great-grandfather’s simple wisdom is all people need to succeed.” Looking at his father, Albert said, “You’re absolutely right.” Then he turned to Robert. “Our mentoring days are winding to a close, and we want to make sure that your ancestor’s wisdom outlives us.” Robert unlocked the desk drawer with excitement and removed a brittle piece of yellowed paper with a list written in Fred’s elegant cursive handwriting. He read it quickly and knew exactly what he would do.”



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