Takeaways from Tony Robbins Life and Wealth Mastery in Fiji

This month, I went to a Tony Robbins event that took place for seven days in Fiji. I flew all of the way from New Jersey on the east coast of the United States to Fiji, and that was the furthest flight I’ve ever been on before in my life, so that was quite an experience skipping the whole day of July 4th because they are a day ahead of us when I go on the plane it was technically July 3rd. When I landed it was July 5th. 

There were four days focused on Life Mastery and three days focused on Wealth Mastery. I personally found Wealth Mastery to be extremely valuable because that is one area of life where I do not spend a lot of my free time researching the latest trends around Bitcoin or truly understanding Macro Economic terms. Before I attended the conference, I rated myself a 5.9 on the Wealth Mastery tenets and I scored myself a lot higher in terms of Life Mastery terms. 

These were my top 10 takeaways from the experience in general. 

  1. Tony Robbins is always discussing being in a peak state, which means that you have a lot of energy because only when you have energy can you accomplish your biggest dreams. I went out and bought a scale that measures many different things to see how my visceral fat has changed. The scale says that I have a lot of energy and burn over 3500 calories a day, but because I am eating so much I have gained significant fat. I’ve also gained some muscle as well so at least its not all terrible news. I realized from the event that I was fit but not healthy. Being fit doesn’t necessarily mean that I am healthy. 
  2. First time doing a Cleanse– so we spend a good amount of time drinking green juice having lemon juice in the mornings, and a green smoothie throughout the day. It was also the most salads I’ve ever eaten in my life. The Fijians are incredible people. It was my first time doing colonics as well which is certainly not for the faint of heart. I felt reborn, but I had so much crap in my system that, honestly it was one of the most uncomfortable things I’ve ever done in my life. 
  3. Gratitude and having a giving mindset– Tony talks a lot about gratitude and being present in the world. I realized that having more stuff will not make me happy it’s the feelings associated when I reach certain accomplishments that we are all aiming for. This helped me see that when I retire I will do everything that I want to do. I was being hard on myself because I felt like I wasn’t in the best place financially. 
  4. The power of compound interest. He harps on the concept of compound interest and how starting early makes a huge difference. That is something that I told myself I’m committed to, which feels great. Luckily, I have a strong support group that can help me get there. 
  5. Appreciating the beauty of the water, mountains, the lush backdrop and enjoying good company. I really enjoyed relaxing and feeling the fresh breeze hits you in the face and the whole experience was magical, being surrounded by good people who want to make a difference in the world. 
  6. The kind hearts and souls made the huge experience so worth it. How many people fly halfway across the world to be with people who are always trying to better themselves to maximize their wealth and life mastery. It’s such an incredible experience to be surrounded by people who are hungry for growth and want more. This experience helped me see not to compare myself to others and that everyone is on their own journey. 
  7. The ROI was worth it, it was undoubtedly one of the most expensive things I have ever done in my life, but I also gave myself the gift because I have worked hard in life, and it’s okay to put yourself first. Tony Robbins is great at leverage, and I enjoyed Gina, our head trainer. She was such a genuine soul who shared openly about how she overcame not graduating from college and then became a very successful CFO. It’s people like Gina who make the world a better place. 
  8. I’m comfortable being with myself. Going to a different country and not knowing anyone can be exciting, and I realized that I need to love my own company and I cannot depend on others to make myself happy. Being alone is something I’ve always struggled with, but this trip helped me see that I’m a pretty awesome person, and owning that is a beautiful thing! 
  9. Climbing the 50-foot telephone pole was one of the scariest things I’ve ever tried in my life, but I’m so glad I took that plunge. In the past, I was afraid of heights, and when you are on the top, it’s pretty wobbly. I’m proud of myself for allowing others to go first, and I always enjoy cheering for everyone. Life is about being uncomfortable and who you become in the process of making yourself uncomfortable by trying new things that you normally not try. 
  10. My confidence grew, and I have faith that everything would work out. It always does. So many of us worry about money. That doesn’t mean don’t have a game plan but it means that if you trust the process, if you are coachable and you implement the lessons you learn at these conferences. Anything is possible! 




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