Takeaways from Omar Divina sharing his lessons from IC to CEO and lessons along the way

Grateful for Omar Divina sharing his lessons from IC to CEO and lessons along the way

Thank you Dwight Lawson for putting it together and the Pavilion/Revenue Collective team.

These were my takeaways from the conversation.

Nice meeting you too Ramon R. Lizardo, MD

1. Where do you find flow? What are you good at?
2. Ask yourself who are the successful people that you want to emulate?
3. Learn how to produce outcomes
4. Never choose a job based on title or comp. Choose based on what outcomes do you want to drive?
5. What can you learn from this job? What stories do you want to be able to tell in a year or two?
6. Choose your narrative. What you have taken from each of these job moves?
7. What’s your lesson from that? Owning your career narrative understanding the outcomes you drove. Hiring based on those who are intentional about these decisions.
8. From IC To manager it’s more about proving outcomes not just selling.
9. When moving into the C suite- Become a systems thinker how does this interlocking pieces come together.
10. Becoming really good at recruiting
11. They are compelled by your vision.
12. Always hire A-Players.
13. Gotta know what motivates your folks and understanding your own triggers
14. Moving from directing(Managing) to set a vision winning hearts and minds.
15. Know your weaknesses to hire to augment. ex: product size, engineering, marketing
16. Complex stakeholder management, managing the messaging.
Can’t keep everyone happy.


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