Spartan Beast Race Review in Vernon NJ (Mountain Creek) New Jersey Tristate race on April 30, 2022

Yesterday was a lot of fun. I shared a bit more about my experience running the Spartan Race.

It was also seeing Neil Tropel and his crew crush it! I’m so proud of your commitment to fitness! This was the first time I run most of it through #mountains, trail running through the mountains with over 4k Vertical Feet, and its over 30+ obstacles.


The obstacles I was able to complete.

-Tyrolean Traverse- where you climb through a rope backwards.

– Climbing Walls

-Stairway to Sparta -Sandbag Carry (60 lbs)

– Rolling Mud -Pipe Lair

– Multi-rig -Monkey in the middle (this was one was my favorite because I was able to ride the momentum and the obstacle was a ton of fun you are going so fast through it)

-Hurdles -Fire Jump

-Dunk Wall

-Bender (this was a fun one where you climb inverted bars and that requires some upper body strength)

-Bucket Carry (I remember the first year this was one of the most painful ones but I gained a lot of weight to be able to do this one much more easily but its still one of the harder ones that takes a toll on you)

-Barbed Wire Crawl

-Atlas Carry

-A-frame cargo


Obstacles that I did not complete that I will be practicing my grip climb and technique

– Rope Climb

– Vertical Cargo

– Twister

– I was so close and my legs hit the person next to me.


-Monkey Bars (I was close and the last one I dropped)

-Hercules Hoist (its usually towards the end of the course)

-Inverted Wall (I’ve done it in the past) My leg cramped once year and it was such a crazy charley horse.

-Box (I was not able to get the technique down to get it on the first try)

*Every time you do complete an obstacle there is a penalty or 30 burpees depending on the obstacle

My oura ring says I did 44,938 steps which is 68.4 km I know I did other things and it said I burnt a total of 6026 calories yesterday.

My whoop says I got a 20.6 Strain which means it was a maximal cardio load and it recommends I should recovery today. #SpartanRace #SpartanBeast #Mountaincreek #Poconos #Review #Ouraring #Whoop #TrailRunning #hiking

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