Review of Tony Robbins Ultimate Mastery Package

Here is a review after completing Tony Robbins Ultimate Mastery Package: It includes 7 different events/Masterminds that you get to be a part of. 1. Unleash the Power from Within 2. Business Mastery 3. Date with Destiny 4. Business Mastery Mastermind 5. Personal Mastery Mastermind 6. Life Mastery 7. Wealth Mastery, I share with you my takeaways from each of the events. My favorite was Date with Destiny in terms of the quality of the content, and of course, being I got to be in beautiful Fiji for Wealth and Life Mastery was unforgettable, and I absolutely enjoyed the quality of people that I met at that event especially after working virtually for so long it was nice being with that many people again.

For context, Tony Robbins is a self development guru who is famous for many things. He started off doing those late night informercials and then he has a Netflix Documentary called I’m not your Guru. There are presidents, famous athletes, and movie stars who pay him millions of dollars to coach them. He’s incredibly talented and is probably the best story teller you will ever come across. His net worth at this point is over $500million and donates a ton of money to helping feeding people all over the world.

I share with you how I got started with Tony Robbins and my takeaways from each of the events.

The reason why I got into it is because I started reading a lot of his books.

Money Master the game was probably one of the most influential books I’ve read that helped on this journey of self worth self healing.



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Purpose: I create an empowering context for curious and hungry people looking for fulfillment, experiences, and creativity. We do this by developing their growth mindset, introducing self-love, and powerful group experiences. It results in people with strong boundaries, resilient mental health, and practical life skills

People leave with the ability to land their dream job, have autonomy and flexibility with their lifestyle, travel the world, and create from their heart and soul.


Davidson was once broke, insecure, low-confidence, and frustrated by doing all the wrong activities. Addicted to drugs, validation, and wallowing in self-pity. No relationship to family, and at the mercy of other people’s suggestions and opinions.

It was hell.

After spending $100k hiring different coaches, traveling the world doing workshops around the world, reading>1000 books, and through curiosity, have created the most effective system to remove people from that situation. My life’s work is to bring joy and abundance to people who as on a similar path as I was and bring back the joy and abundance of their life.

Through shared experiences and storytelling, I inspire and model behaviors that lead to a richer, more fulfilled life full of joy, experiences, passion, and ecstasy from the richness of relationships and being able to experience the depths of the human experience.

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