Reflections on a Solid Quarter- Tips from a Sales Rep at LinkedIn

I always think it’s good to reflect on the things you did right and the things you could improve on.

These are the top ten things I learned about myself from reflecting on a successful quarter.

I ended finishing the quarter at 408% of quota and 166% of my half-year quota. (Microsoft runs on a July to June Fiscal year)

I’m proud of myself for hitting 171.73% of my half already with plenty of time left in the year.

Areas of opportunity: real-time communication with my manager, being able to say No and stay the course, don’t get distracted by Microsoft teams and non-urgent emails, being able to take care of myself, and set better boundaries where I am not working until 8 or 9 pm sometimes, inbox zero, and getting back to non-urgent matters more timely at the end of the day.

  1. Toastmasters helped me be more comfortable on camera and notice my filler words.
  2. Meditation in the mornings– having a healthy meditation mindfulness practice helps me have awareness around my projections and beliefs that aren’t serving me.
  3. Conducting Value Engagement Methodologies training helped me see from the lens of the client and what he or she may caring about and learning more about their industry and what’s top of mind for them helps me be able to figure out what a day in the life might look like
  4. Making sure I have prompt communication to build trust– I remember when I worked with Drew Graves at TriNet, I always respected how quickly he got back to clients. He always put the client first, and I respect the hell out of his time management skills. Even though he is such a busy guy, he always got back to the clients and me his partners as soon as possible. You can tell he is committed to the job.
  5. Surrounding yourself with positive people– I notice my energy management is dependent on how much time I spend with other people. Being around presidents club winners and interacting with them more regularly, I notice myself picking up their habits. Every time I speak with Zack Mulhall and Amy Smith, I instantly get a boost of energy.
  6. Making sure you allocate time to connect with your peers– in this ongoing virtual world we live in. You must take the time to have one on one coffee chats. The company’s culture is essential, and feeling connected helps me have a sense of belonging and joy. I enjoy meeting new people and connecting with new partners because you want to make sure you are continuously building relationships.
  7. Take care of yourself- getting enough sleep, prioritize fitness has been a massive goal of mine, and I am fortunate enough to be healthy, and I have a checklist every day that I must hit to know that I can feel good about having a productive day. Those things include doing a morning planner, preparing for your day ahead of you, figuring out our intentions, a gratitude exercise, stretching, and a HIIT workout. If your health goes down, then you have to worry about other things, and it might get in the way of operating at 100%.
  8. Being of service to others- helping other people and teaching others how to do something. You practice mastery, and when you explain something and can communicate it simply. That means you have a strong understanding of what you are good at. This helps build self-awareness.
  9. Working on weaknesses- knowing that there are many skills I am working on, focusing, and not getting distracted. I have dedicated days when I turn off my Microsoft teams and am not distracted by incoming messages. This helps me be able not to get interrupted, and I can put my energy into something like putting together a proposal

10. Be a mentor and practice coaching– One of the best parts about my job and being able to influence and help so many of my peers. Being able to help them reach their goals and be a clearing- a space for people to process their emotions to get to where they want is such a rewarding experience. Thank you to everyone who allowed me to help out. It’s because of people like you that I feel great about my life.

I’m curious to learn about your quarter. What are some of your reflections and takeaways? I would love to learn best practices with any Relationship Manager, AE, or Sales Manager. Ping me if you are interested in being on my podcast. If you are curious about learning habits and best practices from some of our top-performing sales professionals at LinkedIn- check this out, I’ve certainly learned so much from my peers here.

Brian Mauro– Large Enterprise Account Executive at LinkedIn Learning

Eric Grant– Senior Customer Success Manager at LinkedIn Learning

Stefan Karadciz– Manager of Customer Success Managers with the Connected Enterprise Group at LinkedIn

Anu Jain, Vishu Patel, and Isha Sharma- Presidents Club Winners in FY 2020

Melissa Scherman– Enterprise Account Executive at LinkedIn Learning

Adrian Reyes– Global Client Executive with the Connected Enterprise Group at LinkedIn

Liz Rice– Enterprise Account Executive with LinkedIn Learning

Zack Mulhall– Enterprise Account Executive with LinkedIn Learning

Ellie LeSatz– Mid Market Account Executive with LinkedIn Learning

Amy Smith– Enterprise Relationship Manager with LinkedIn Learning

Jordan Katz– newly promoted Mid Market Account Executive- Was our top Account Executive for FY 2020 in the SMB segment

Bree Bossy– Mid Market Account Executive in LinkedIn learning was recently promoted to Enterprise AE.

Brian Mullins– Large Enterprise Account Executive with LinkedIn Learning

Andy Linder– Mid Market Account Executive with LinkedIn Learning

Jheryn Kenney– Enterprise Relationship Manager with LinkedIn Sales Solutions

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