Parallel Universes of Self by Frederick Dodson

These are my favorite passages from the book Parallel Universes of Self. He talks about the laws of attraction and interesting concepts.

“Actually taking a bite of strawberry equals experiential-learning and lets you feel different. Go for the real thing.”
“The only catch is that you have to forget or loose one reality in order to fully identify with another. And that is the precise reason you are sitting there acting as if your current reality were the only one…we do that in order to focus-in-detail rather than being swept away by a chaos of infinite myriads of possibilities. We limit ourselves in order to focus on one aspect of being in detail.”
“The Law of Attraction The “Law of Attraction” is also called “The Law of Resonance” or “The Law of Correspondence” in other RC-teaching systems. It is the single most powerful working principle of Infinity. It works in all realities of this universe, on all its levels at all times, in any number of variations and in obvious and for the world-self sometimes not so obvious ways. If you understand one single thing about life, let it be this. There is no other thing that operates independently of what you believe. The Law of Attraction means “like attracts like”, “you can only experience what you are”, “what you give is what you get”, “one kind of vibration attracts other types of like vibrations”, “birds of a feather flock together”, “what you put out is what comes back to you”. If you want something in life – anything – you have to be someone who corresponds to that.”
“You are a powerful magnet attracting things according to who you are (which is indicated by what you think and feel most of the time). If you feel overweight it is quite impossible to attract ideal”
“You are not here to repair what is broken, you are not here to convince others of your path, you are here to express your own path. It is not your job to force the world into conformity or sameness with you. Instead you appreciate the diversity one can choose from. Rather than fighting others, you choose people who you like being with. “
“Having two different opinions needn’t be a cause of pain and struggle, it can be a cause of fascination and laughter. Working to get others to agree with your reality equals working on conformity, on bringing the infinite unfolding of Creation to an end rather than further expansion.”
“In exactly the same way you do not have to “create” the reality you desire, because it already exists here and now. You may not perceive it because your consciousness is not tuned in to reception of the reality. By synchronizing or aligning your own vibration or state to the vibration of what you want to perceive or experience, Infinity filters out the exact reality that matches your vibration. You will not necessarily get what you want, you will get what you are. Your vibration or reception-channel is compiled by what you believe to be true about yourself and reality and by what”
“You’d simply switch the channel (change focus). This is effortless, not a fight.”
“When an Identity becomes as common as breathing, you are corresponding to a desired reality.”
“An analogy: Action: Building a House Emotion: The Builders of the House Beliefs: The Blueprint of the House Identity: The Architect of the House”
“Because you have claimed it as already real you don’t even think about it much either. You don’t ask when, how, where it will show up. Instead you simply do what offers itself to you throughout the day, and this will involve commonplace activities. Daily life continues in a natural manner without neediness or lack.”
“but realizing that you are already everything and merely have to BE one aspect of that. Some shamans were known to practice “shapeshifting” to an extent that they physically became trees or animals. The were willing to give up their armoured “self” and fully unite with something.”
“rather received in silence. Yes, in a sense it is also a visualisation, but it is much more than that. Visualisation implies a purely “mental event”, while we are not only going for a two-dimensional mental image, but for a complete body sense, a virtual reality experience so to speak. Since the average humans’ attention jumps about randomly like a rubber ball, it is necessary to make a decision on what you really want.”
“Another word to describe this step might be “Trust”.”
“The resistance to this identity further upholds it, which is why “Be” involves giving up resistance and deliberately immersing yourself in it. You cannot consciously identify with it (and thus regain creative control) if you are resisting it. So create it on purpose. Melt in with it. Synchronize your Vibrations with it 1-to-1. You cannot let go of something you do not have. Breathe as it. Confront it. Be It.”
The next thing you do is take a step back from


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