Daily journal entries

What do you guys typically write about? I find myself typically recording my diet, my workouts, how I feel afterwards. My goals and my achievement/ success list/ things to do. Daily work related goals and any interesting experiences or regarding something new I learned from a mentor/ conference/seminar.

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What are everyone’s thoughts on them? From my experience, I am currently trying out. L-Theanine 200mg DMAE Onnit Shroom- Clean ATP by Onnit Labs Neovicta’s- Clarity stack BioScience Nutrition USA’s Brain Boost Nootropics (41 vitamins and DMAE) Zhou Nutrition’s -Neuro-Peak – DMAE, Rhodiola Rosea Extract, Bacopa Monnieri Alphabrain- Onnit labs Have any of you tried…

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25 favorite quotes

These are mine. “Two roads diverged in a wood and I  took the one less traveled by, and that made all the difference.” —Robert Frost 2. “The number one reason people fail in life is because they listen to their friends, family, and neighbors.” —Napoleon Hill 3.”The reason most people never reach their goals is that…

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I am so far about 4 and a half months into Crossfit averaging 4 to 5 days a week. I feel good so far but Really sore. I am getting stronger but I feel myself always being really sore. I have been taking whey protein and just started taking creatine. I use Gold Standard -milk…

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Favorite podcast episodes of The Investors Podcast

https://www.theinvestorspodcast.com/ep1-warren-buffett-investing-basics-part-1/ TIP 125: Billionaire Reid Hoffman & The Start- Up of You TIP 120 and 121: Super investor- Warren Buffet’s Clone: Mohnish Pabrai TIP 112: Billionaire Paul Allen- Idea Man TIP 107: Jack Welch’s book- Winning TIP 104: Billionaire Carl Icahn- A Rare Look Behind the Scenes TIP 099: Billionaire Jack Ma and Alibaba TIP…

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Favorite books

1. Shoe Dog: A Memoir by the Creator of Nike- Phil Knight 2. How to Win friends and Influence people- Dale Carnegie 3. Benjamin Franklin: An American Life- Walter Isaacson 4. Titan: The Life of John D. Rockefeller, Sr. – Ron Chernow 5. The First Tycoon: The Epic Life of Cornelius Vanderbilt- T.J. Stiles 6.…

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Strengths Finder 2.0

This is pretty interesting. Has anyone taken this for work or for your own self awareness purposes? Click to access Positivity.pdf POSITIVITY-PEOPLE EXCEPTIONALLY TALENTED IN THE POSITIVITY THEME HAVE CONTAGIOUS ENTHUSIASM. THEY ARE UPBEAT AND CAN GET OTHERS EXCITED ABOUT WHAT THEY ARE GOING TO DO. People with strong Positivity talents are generous with praise,…

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