Forgiveness is a gift

Life is so much better when you forgive yourself and others. A lot of things we think about unconscious or subconscious affects me a lot more than we think it does. Sharing with you some moments from working with my amazing coach Leya from the Landmark World’s Team Leadership Management Program.  

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Forgiveness is truly a gift

I was so angry and bitter. I was asked to resign from being the LinkedIn Alliance NYC Office Lead position, a volunteer position! How can I resign from something that I’m not even getting paid for? I was furious… Luckily because of this self-development program called Landmark’s Team Management and Leadership Program, I was working…

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Dopamine Nation

Yesterday I attended a conference for the top 1% of sales professionals and listened to someone who was the #1 Salesforce rep one of the most highly sought-after companies in technology. Ian Koniak shared vulnerably about his addiction to drugs, video games, porn, and I was blown away by his vulnerability. I appreciate how open…

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Gratitude, Luck, and Mindfulness

I woke up super early this morning. Sometimes I get excited before a big trip in this case we are traveling to Vegas tomorrow, and I will be with coworkers again. Living in the pandemic I’ve had the least social interactions ever in terms of face-to-face in real life. I’m going to blog about gratitude,…

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