Open Heart to my friends at LinkedIn/Microsoft

As I wrap up my final days at LinkedIn. I am sad and extremely excited to let everyone know that I will be completing my LinkedIn career to be a Senior Transformation Consultant at a company called CoachHub.

I want to acknowledge these 100 people at LinkedIn who have impacted my life whether you know or not. I would like to share with you how you have made a difference in my life.

  1. Garrett Rafols From onboarding to the times I’ve called you crying- I’m so happy that we finally started working together. Your referral means the world to me as I was finally able to work at my dream company since I was a high school senior. LinkedIn was everything I had thought and so much more.

2. Rosanna Durrthy– Your leadership and passion for building an inclusive workplace have inspired me to speak my truth, create space for others, and ultimately challenge the status quo.

3. Kartapurkh Khalsa– It’s no surprise to me that you won Manager of the Year. I’ve been so blessed to have your support, especially during those days when I felt out of it. You gave me the space to relax and wind down, which can be challenging during a pandemic, as you’ve helped me with some of my mental health needs. We’ve had many conversations around growth and self-exploration. You’ve pushed me to be more of a professional and look at respecting other’s boundaries.

4. Olivia Orr- Thank you so much for all that you do for LinkedIn. My physical and emotional well-being has greatly improved since I’ve joined LinkedIn.

5. Jordan Katz– You are one of the most helpful and kind human beings I know. Your commitment to the job inspires me to do anything I can to be of service to my clients. You are a true consummate professional.

6. Zack Mulhall– Thank you for listening to me crying on multiple occasions whenever I was stressed out or having a breakdown. You are such a great role model, and I’m incredibly blessed to have you in my life.

7. Andy Linder– The man, the myth, the legend. You do it all and mentor so many. You push us to achieve greatness in all that you do.

8. Amy Smith– The happy hours during the pandemic honestly helped us stay connected. All of the laughter and fun memories together make me happy to think that I can say whatever I want and never feel judged for one second. You’ve helped me discover who I am- the goofy silly Davidson that I try not to show others because I’m a “professional.”

9. Scott Shute– Thank you so much for your mindfulness and compassion teachings. You are a modern-day Yogi and because of you, I’ve been kinder to myself and my family.

10. Jackie Goldberg– Our weekly meditations and I thoroughly enjoyed our podcast conversation. Your combination of compassion, leadership, and active listening helps us want to be better and kinder to ourselves and everyone around us.

11. Eric Grant- I always enjoy our conversations and the depth of who you are for the world from a wonder of genuine curiosity and wonder. It inspires us to want to challenge ourselves and push our comfort zone to grow and prosper.

12. Traci Basaman- Thank you so much for your support and guidance in everything. You have the perfect combination of getting stuff done but still doing it intentionally with purpose and focus.

13. Shantel Buford- Some of the most fun memories were us chatting about non-work-related topics. I’ve been so blessed to be partnered with you as my SD, and I know you will continue to do great things. You like to get to know people beyond the surface level. Your partnership has been a blessing, and I can’t wait to celebrate many more milestones with you as you continue to impact the communities and teams that you are a part of.

14. Ivana Pham- Striving for excellence through winning the Disco and Discovery competitions with you was so much fun. After all of those planning sessions and practices, we still forget to record them. LOL. It’s been a blast, and I still use my Best Mentor Mug almost every day. 🙂 It certainly puts a smile on my face every time I look at it.

15. Ryan Johnson– You are a master at your craft, and you are certainly committed to getting better. You enjoy the art of sales, and you have so much potential. I’m so excited to continue to witness your rise to greatness as you continue to break every record at all of the positions you are a part of.

16. Nikki Dussault- Thank you so much for your partnership. We’ve had so many meetings and conversations. Congratulations on your house and so many milestones for you. It’s great to celebrate each other, and you have helped me see what’s possible through open, honest, and transparent partnerships. Your optimism and ability to connect makes you a crowd favorite with all of your clients.

17. Glenn Vass– Mr. Vass- I love our conversations, and you constantly lift others up with your sense of humor. Thanks for being yourself and bringing your full self into all that you do for the world.

18. Takeo Kushi- Mr. Charisma- I always enjoyed Toastmasters and how you are able to make it light. What most people would consider their worst fears you help us be ourselves and get better every day. Thanks for your leadership, and toastmasters has been one of the highlights working at LinkedIn/Microsoft.

19. Michelle De Venoge- I appreciate your partnership. You get it. Life is so much better in collaboration with great people. You are a consummate professional, and you push all of us to want to collaborate more often and have fun in the process.

20. Brian Mauro– Thank you so much for your support. From those early morning meditation sessions with Kelly to our random breakfast coffee chats. I always enjoy your presence, lightness, and how you have a growth mindset. Your humility and humble attitude help everyone see the greatness in themselves.

21. Liz Rice Thanks for putting together Culture related activities. The Kahoot games and the random laughter conversations every time you are in the room.

22. Mimi Pleban– Thanks for your leadership and because of your mentorship for everyone around you. Your lessons and presence seep into every fiber of LinkedIn Learning’s culture and identity. Thanks for being vulnerable on the podcast and for sharing with us your philosophies. I enjoy our conversations and your commitment to the craft of service and sales.

23. Anita Desai- Partnering with you as a co-lead for the LinkedIn Asian Alliance has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my life. To learn from such a selfless leader is humility. You never want to take credit for anything, and you always have a being of service mindset. Thank you so much for your leadership, and you’ve built LIAA to be one of the best and fastest-growing ERGs at LinkedIn.

24. Jane Kim- Thank you for volunteering so much of your time to contribute to the LinkedIn Asian Alliance. You’re always so much fun, and you contribute in so many ways.

25. Samuel Cho- I appreciate your leadership and stepping up. From the model minority myth workshops to just being game for everything. Your attention to detail and thoughtfulness shine in all of the projects you commit yourself to.

26. Vikas Vavilala- I’m glad we were paired up. I love your perspectives and the way you frame ideas, and thanks for your active listening. You have been a great mentor in the short time we have worked together.

27. Celia Gouveia- I’m so glad I was paired up with you for the ERG mentorship program for 6 months. You’ve helped me see the beauty in every struggle and helped me reframe in a much more empowering way than being a victim.

28. Khamila Alebiosu- Thank you so much for your partnership. From having webinars together to the compelling podcast episode, we did together. You have mentored and impacted so many lives in your life. I can’t wait to meet you in person one day. It’s crazy to think how close you can become with someone without even meeting them in real life.

29. Bree Bossy– Thanks for leading the way and sharing your wisdom with the world. Can’t wait to continue to celebrate many more milestones and promotions with you.

30. Diane Liu- Thank you for your contributions to the LinkedIn Asian Alliance and the social impact community. You give, and you are always going out of your way to be of service and help everyone else around you. I’m so happy for your engagement, and I wish you the best in all of your endeavors, and I know you will continue to lift everyone else around you.

31. James Manganiello- Our relationship has been one of the most rewarding parts of LinkedIn. It’s crazy how we have our perceptions and judgments and when you get to know someone, you wondered why you judged them in the first place. Perhaps I was jealous and that you have this radiant energy, and so many people always want to be around you. You exude confidence and you have tremendous potential.

32. Kylee Lessard- Thanks for writing more in my blog and not being afraid of what others think of my vulnerable thoughts and ideas.

33. Pete Lauria- What I learned from you is consistency over time. You show up to Toastmasters every week, ready and present to rock it. There are never any excuses, and you show up willing to provide feedback and help everyone become the best version of themselves. Thanks for your being a leader in every way possible.

34. Carlos Remigio- It was so much fun working out with you in the Empire State Building Gyms. So many fun happy hours and good memories at Beers for my Peers and beyond.

35. Joon Kim– You have so much potential. I look forward to witnessing your greatness as you continue to make everyone smile around you.

36. Emily Lindner- I’m so glad you are crushing it already. Our conversations helped me feel fulfilled that I’m making a difference in the world. Thanks for always listening and lifting everyone’s mood. You are such a hard worker, but you balance it by knowing your values and being your best self. I can’t wait to celebrate many more milestones with you as you continue to crush records.

37. Cole Schlesinger- Thanks for being a consistent friend. Our deep conversations help me think differently about the world. You are such a genuine person, and I’m lucky to call you my friend.

38. Emily Frankenberry – Thank you for your partnership and help with everything! I’m grateful we crossed paves.

39. Dukwon Lee- Thanks for sharing your best practices with the world. Your attention to detail and thoughtfulness is well received. You’ve taught me the value of working on our weaknesses to become the person we can be through studying the craft and getting 1% better every day.

40. Doug Pruskoff- I appreciate your smile and being able to experience so many fun LinkedIn events and team gatherings together. Congrats on the new house, and I can’t wait to see how awesome a father you become!

41. Sarah Ufner- I enjoyed our prospecting blitz, and your kindness means the world to me. Thank you for being yourself and being a light in the world.

42. Kristina Insanalli- All of the incredible programming you’ve put together has been some of the best highlights of my life. Thank you for your sacrifice and all that you do to make LinkedIn one of the best places to work in the world.

43. Amanda Korson- Thank you for your commitment to serving the employee experience and the workforce advocate.

44. Jheryn Kenney– Thank you for being a leader and for being a positive lighthouse for many. You are kind, caring, authentic, and a player’s coach.

43. Edwin Aristor– I’m so glad we crossed paths along the Landmark journey. You are one of my best friends, and you are always supportive no matter what crazy idea comes through my head. You always lift me up, and you always see the best in me, especially when I’m having those off days.

44. Ellie LeSatz I really enjoyed our podcast episode. You are such a kind soul and it’s no wonder why you have so much success because of your genuine ability to help everyone else around you to lift them up. You never take credit for others, and you are humility is grounding.

45. Adrian Reyes Thanks for doing the podcast and for being 100% in it for your customers. I’m so proud of your podcast and how you have a high standard of excellence. You make me want to be better every day in every aspect of my life.

46. Melissa Scherman Thanks for being a podcast guest on Episode 53 of my podcast. You are such an inspiration showing us that it’s possible to be an awesome mother while crushing your career goals.

47. Vishu Patel- Thank you for all that you do for the LinkedIn Asian Alliance. Your contributions go a long way. Your commitment to your craft and your standard of excellence inspires all of us to push ourselves to achieve higher goals in life in business and all of our commitments.

48. Thamina Stoll– I appreciate our conversation on allyship. You helped me want to be more open-minded and learn more about the inequalities that women face in the world. I appreciate your heart and how you continue to impact so many through your podcast and leadership.

49. Lesley Chen-Young- Lesley– Financial literacy is so critical, and your contributions have such a long-lasting impact on our society. Thank you for being a boss and showing everyone that it is possible to have it all.

50. Jay Singh- Thank you, Jay. If it wasn’t for some of our conversations Redefining Masculinity wouldn’t have been possible. Thanks for opening the conversation on Allyship and becoming a thought leader and podcasting on these potentially uncomfortable conversations for many.

51. Alyssa Gerontides Love your commitment to sharing the world, and you really helped push me to be my best and give my 100%. Thanks for being a guest on my podcast on episode 84.

52. David Wodnicki- Once again, congrats on being the winner of the Drive the Growth Agenda Award.

53. Ben Nussbaum Your commitment to making a difference in the world inspires all of us to serve humanity.

54. Jane Liu Thanks for helping me be that much more of a blogger in life and not be afraid to share my thoughts and feelings openly.

55. Andre Whiteleather- Thanks for setting up team events and being a ray of sunshine during these potentially tough times for many.

56. Nawal Fakhoury- Thank you for all that you do to make LinkedIn an incredible place to be. Your energy and contagious enthusiasm make us all happy to be alive in this beautiful world.

57. Megan Hart Mauldin- Thank you for hiring and therefore transforming my life with your help.

58. Michael Wong- Thank you for your vulnerable sharing and being an Ally for so many in this world.

59. Veronica Carrera- I’ll never forget the panel event you were a part of and how you always stood for something. You are so great at leveraging LinkedIn to spread awareness around important topics.

60. Iun Chen- Thank you for your leadership and all that you do for the LinkedIn Asian Alliance. You have the perfect balance of getting stuff done with the listening skills and compassion to lead everything to achieve extraordinary results. LIAA will continue to thrive under your leadership.

61. Rachelle Diamond– Thank you for having all of these inspiring, incredible guests come to LinkedIn to share with us timeless wisdom.

62. Kyle Grubman– Best First day ever! I appreciate your boundless energy. It’s infectious and much appreciated, especially during these times.

63. Stefan Karadzic- Absolutely love what you are doing with AfterEgo. Your meditation classes and yoga have been grounding, especially during these challenging times. We appreciate your leadership and your ability to hold space for all of us to share so openly.

64. Rahul Mehta- Thanks for your vote of confidence. It means the world to me.

65. Miguel Leano Thanks for inspiring us by showing what’s possible through doing social impact work. I learned the importance of tapping into our true selves and thanks for recommending me for the LIAA Co-Lead position. It’s helped me find myself as a leader and explore who I want to be for the world much more deeply.

66. Nicole Farella- I appreciate your kindness and listening. It creates the clearing that we all need.

67. Dave Tepinsky- Your podcast inspired me to do the same, impacting thousands of lives in return.

68. Liz Paulino– I appreciate your infectious energy and positivity. You are the best customer advocate.

69. Steff Jacobsen- Thank you for your kindness, listening, and in your listening, others become their greater selves.

70. Austin Wern- Thank you for your support and leadership, You made going to work so much more enjoyable with constant laughter from your witty comments and be hustling and always putting into the effort.

71. Kevin John Delaney- Thank you for your L&D workshops, and your book inspired me to write more. Your workshops have helped me communicate what my mentors have given me, which has helped me grow deep relationships.

72. Anna Wright- Your commitment to social impact inspires me to want to make more of a difference in the world.

73. Mike Derezin – Thank you for providing me feedback and pushing us to grow. Your leadership impacts all of us on a daily basis and the LinkedIn Learning culture reaches so many leaders.

74. Noah Riley- Thanks for being an Ally! Your humility and positive reinforcements and curiosity on how to be the best ally show us that there is more to work than just the business sense.

75. Mary Shindler– I’ll never forget the creative expressions workshop. That was such a memorable experience for us all.

76. Ben Thibeault- Thanks for the advice and support with everything!

77. Drew O’Donnell- Thanks for helping me get hired at what turned out to be a transformative life-changing experience.

78. Patty Zhong- Thank you for your contributions to LIAA and beyond!

79. Kerry Curran– Thank you so much for the weekly meditation sessions and the yoga classes. You’ve helped us be our best selves and helped us tap into our intuitive nature.

80. CarlyAnn DePrimo –Thank you so much for all of the efforts you put into making LinkedIn’s wellness programs world-class. All of the yoga, meditations, swag, and thoughtful programming have helped me be 100% myself and healthy to serve in the world in the world I have. I love all of the kickboxing classes, and ReInvent Yourself has been a blast so far.

81. Paula Dubovoy- All of the stretching has helped me put myself first, and from that, I can be fully present, not worrying about my health. We love your positive presence and how your being of service serves the community in so many ways. Thank you for everything!

82. Dean Karrel– You are an honorary LinkedIn Employee. I appreciate you sharing your time, energy, and helping so many people tap into their authentic selling style.

83 Aaron Naldoza– What a challenging time to join an organization, but you did it with grace. Thanks for setting up those office hours. Your commitment for greatness and how you support all of your managers have helped us excel in so many ways.

84. Bailey Anderson- Thanks for your leadership and your commitment to Toastmasters. You’re such an incredible public speaker, and you helped me want to perfect my craft and practice all of the time to become better. You help us see what’s possible from putting in the work and getting 1% better every day.

85. Adaku Okpi- Your words and allyship mean the world to me. Thank you for being a beacon of light a force to be reckoned with. I will never forget how you make me feel every time you reach out to me.

86. Oren Goodman- Thank you for your partnership. You’ve been incredibly proactive in the LLS/LTS partnership, and you are truly a consummate professional who takes his job seriously.

87. Lauren Bickford- I can’t wait to continue to celebrate all of your accomplishments. I’ll never forget the fun shoe ice breaker at the Sales Kick-Off. Your happy attitude is refreshing, and I love to continue to watch you grow and prosper in all of your endeavors.

88. Nolan Harrington- Thank you so much for your support. You have a way of lifting others up and helping everyone feel confident in themselves.

89. Samuel Foley- Congrats on your promotion! Thank you for your support for everything. You are always positive and a ton of fun to connect with.

90. Jasmine Thompson- Thank you for your partnership. We’ve always had such great conversations, and I enjoy the energy you bring into all of your projects. 

91. Wheatley Raabe- Thank you for your partnership. Your commitment to your job is inspiring. You put 100% into everything, and I respect that.

92. Leslie Gudino- Thank you so much for your support. Without you, the Account Executives would not be as successful as we have been.

93. Rich Wehman- I appreciate your support, and I know you will continue to support so many people through your passion and consistency in improving every day.

94. Nicole Sus- Thanks for putting together the LLS Allyship. It brings me hope that so many seek to understand and are not afraid to have these more uncomfortable conversations.

95. Marcus Edmonds- Thanks for your partnering. It means a lot to me. I appreciate your listening, compassion, active listening, and support with everything. Thanks for being one of the few LinkedIn employees I’ve seen in person since the pandemic started.

96. Katrina Hord– I appreciate your partnership, consistency, and working hard to support your clients during these interesting times. Thanks for taking the time and effort and partnering with LLS so closely.

97. Jia Hyun– Thanks for your presence and vulnerable sharing. You are such a great leader and I’ve learned a lot from your conversations and how you make the time for everyone.

98. Patisha Arrington– Thank you for sharing yourself and being open. Your friendship means so much to me.

99. Alex Rado Thank you for reaching out to me to say hi. The random check-ins so that you care about your teammates. I appreciate your positivity and I learned not to take life so seriously from you.

100. Nick Radtke– Thank you so much for your support with everything and congrats on your promotion! No surprise there as you always add a ton of value wherever you go!

I’m sure there are a lot more folks that I may have missed. If I didn’t mention you, it doesn’t mean I don’t love you. It might be that I didn’t think people would read this far down. Haha. Definitely don’t be a stranger and feel free to reach out. My time at LinkedIn has been truly a blessing, and there has been a lot of tears, laughter, and overwhelming bliss.

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