My top ten favorite restaurants food places to try in NYC

  1. Union Square Cafe by Danny Meyer- The pasta is so good there, and the hospitality is on point!
  2.  The Halal Guys– Nothing beats the original location on the corner of West 53rd Street and 6th Avenue. That creamy richness!
  3. Morgenstern Ice Cream– I highly recommend Burnt Sage and Raw Milk flavors. Fresh sage leaves are charred lightly before being blended into this base. Dipped in chocolate on a cone. Raw milk: The original genesis of our ice cream style. No eggs, just milk, cream, sugar, and salt. This combination highlights the flavor of our high-quality dairy. The name does not refer to unpasteurized milk (a common question), but rather from the clean, pure representation of the flavor of milk without any additional flavors.
  4. Raku– clean solid ramen and Udon noodles. It’s a quaint place with many solid options, all refreshing and light not overpowering your palette.
  5. Soft Swerve- they just opened up around the corner from my apartment, so I am really excited about that Ube ice cream. The Ube Ice cream is pretty good. There is a ton of flavor and its aesthetically pleasing as well. The consistency and texture are nice, and the wait is never that long. They are pretty efficient and the place looks clean even though right now, you are not able to enter the store because of COVID. I also tried the Hong Kong-style Milk tea which was good but can be empowering if your taste buds are not used to sweets.
  6. Patent Pending– It’s a real Swanky place with really solid drinks. They are located in a really cool location getting into it is unique and the designs for the drinks are interesting. I enjoy this place and will be back to bring other friends visiting from out of town. Speakeasys are such an NYC thing. I definitely miss it and that’s one of the things I’m looking forward to when this is all done with and we are able to go to restaurants and bars again.
  7.  Shorty’s- Craving cheesesteaks as a native Philadelphian local growing up in Cherry Hill, NJ I definitely appreciate a nice cheesesteak with a solid Italian bread foundation. Shorty’s hits the spot I usually get the Provolone with Broccoli Rabe. It’s dangerous because its within walking distance of me. I have definitely been eating way too many of these during quarantine 😛
  8. Very Fresh Noodles in the Chelsea Market- The Taiwanese Beef Noodle soup is to die for. I introduced my friend Sue to it and she became addicted to it as well. The beef is so tender and it’s awesome watching them slap the noodles and putting on a performance for you as you anxiously wait to taste the spices with the perfect touch of cumin and herbs.
  9. Joe’s Steam Rice Rolls- Gotta love Cantonese dim sum foods. I enjoy the Canal Street Market one and I am glad they opened up in Manhattan.
  10. Kong Sihk Tong-Hong Kong-style comfort zone is the sht!This has definitely been our new go to HK authentic food joint. Everything is pretty good here and it was quite spacious especially for a place in Chinatown.I will definitely be coming back here. The service was good and they had a wide selection of options. Located in the heart of Chinatown, I didn’t expect it to be so big but they can fit close to 100 people at full capacity. It was about a 10-minute wait which isn’t too big for the high quality of food.

    We’ve been here with 4-5 people which is perfect because you can try a lot of different dishes.


    As you can tell I’ve been thinking about since and yes the quarantine has been great for saving money. I’m craving one of the best things about NYC which is the quality and wide selection of foods.

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