My attempt at a social media detox

I saw a bunch of YouTubers who deleted their Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook for 30 days to see what they would gain from it.

I will delete my Instagram and Facebook on my phone from time to time, and I’ve deleted TikTok and Snapchat numerous times already. I would say I spend a lot of my time on Linkedin and even noticed myself spending half an hour a day scrolling through my newsfeed on LinkedIn. 

These are my takeaways from noticing my addiction to social media. I have a lot more time to read books. I see I will fill those times at night or in the morning through reading biographies and I get a lot more happiness from that, honestly. Even with apps such as LinkedIn, you constantly compare yourself to others. I’m a relatively pretty ambitious person, and there will always be other people who are more ambitious than me. I notice I’ve even deleted LinkedIn off my phone, but because I use it for work sometimes, I’ll justify it by downloading the app again when looking up prospects that I am about to meet. Another unhealthy addiction is using Glassdoor too much, looking up your friends’ salaries that just got promoted. That’s certainly not healthy- I’m amongst one of the top income earners not only in my state, which is one of the most expensive dates to live in, but everyone knows that US earners are some of the top earners in the world, and it’s just never enough. These next 30 days, I’m going to clear my cache, delete all of those apps on my phone, and document how I feel afterward. I’ll still take photos, and I can post them when I get to a laptop because typically, I’ve noticed when I post, its fine its when I’m too busy spending more than an hour a day scrolling through these apps like I’ve lose productivity.

These are my intentions and what I think I’ll get from doing this. 

  1. I’ll be happy being with the present. Won’t I have to feel the urge to share everything, like do people care about the delicious food I eat every day? I mean, sometimes people comment when they see me oh man it looks like you eat delicious food.
  2. I’ll have more to talk about. I’ve been told that because I’m documenting my life, people often feel like they always know what I’m up to. There is less of a need or urge to catch up with me. 
  3. I’ll be a more present husband with my wife. I’ll want to get to know her instead of these women who pop up on my newsfeed. I get I’m into fitness, and sometimes I’ll like my trainer’s/coaches pictures and videos, and then all of a sudden I’ll get these super ripped women showing up on my suggestions feed. It’s just creepy sometimes in my opinion. I’m on my own journey, and men have enough standards as it is to look a certain way because in movies, you have these movie stars who work out 6 hours a day to look the way they do. We normal people with normal 9=5 jobs don’t have all of that time to look like a Brad Pitt in Troy. 
  4. I”ll be less stressed and feel like I have so much time in my day to do whatever I want. 
  5. I also noticed when I get bored, since I deleted all of my social media apps on my phone, I’ll check whatapp just to see what people are up to. Although it’s nice to be in the know, when I log into Facebook on my phone, I don’t ever find anything groundbreaking that makes me feel like I need the apps. 
  6. I’ll have more time to meditate. I always complain about not having enough time in a day to meditate. I’ll be able to do my 10 minutes meditation every day. 
  7. I’ll be able to enjoy my own company more. I won’t have to feel so compelled to look more buff or have my physique look like my friends. 
  8. I’ll be able to have more time to CrossFit and walk around the park. I’ve been hiking with myself a lot during the pandemic and remember feeling so compelled to look at social media. Even if it’s for 10 minutes, I get this urge, and then I make myself wrong for doing it. My brain feels fried afterward. While I have the opportunity of enjoying the beautiful fall weather with orange, brown, and red leaves falling down so gracefully. 
  9. I’ll be able to appreciate life more. I’ll be able to see that I’m in control that the world isn’t so scary after all and that our lives are improving every day. When you go social media, you can’t help but feel like the world sucks and there must be so many positive things to neutralize how we are destroying our planet, etc. 
  10. I’ll be content with what I have vs. thinking that I need to travel more and appreciate more more more. 

Have you ever been on a social media detox? What was it like for you? Do you want to go on this social media detox with me? 


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