Main takeaways from Ray Kroc’s book: Grinding It out- The making of McDonald’s The personal story behind founder Ray Kroc’s Amazing Success.

The main thing I took from this was that he was the hardest worker in his time.

He owned the San Diego Padres baseball team as well after he retired which is amazing for someone who grew up very modestly! 

He started off his career as a milkshake mixer salesman for Prince Castle. He was amazingly competitive very charismatic and personable.

He has an extremely high emotional intelligence and empathy. He truly believed in his employees.

He met the McDonald brothers were visiting the San Bernardino back in 1955. He saw how much business they were getting and the rave reviews of the people that were waiting in line at McDonald’s.

He really changed the franchising system model. He had an amazing vision and hired the best talent. He has an amazing gut feeling for everyone that he hires for them to become successful and great leaders.

I would highly recommend this book for anyone looking to start their own business or is interested in starting a franchise.

His life was certainly not easy. I really found the way he talked about his romantic life very interesting. He was head over heels over a lady that was previously married but that didn’t stop him from announcing his true love for her. The way he talked about how incomplete his life was without her was so fascinating to me!

It was like even though he was a multi-millionaire, he did not stop thinking about her and the way he felt when he saw her. The way he described his love was so personal and relatable. 

Kroc was 52 when he started franchising the McDonalds business which goes to show that everything you do in life leads you up to a point where you can be successful. All of the experiences and relationships that he has created while being a rockstar sales manager and leader led him to be able to manage the people he did and to inspire his employees.

He also attests much of his success to the people under him. I have noticed a common trend amongst great leaders that they always talk about the people under them as the reason for their success.

The book title is perfectly suited for his life. His life was not easy, there were so many times where he thought it would all be over but he managed to tough it out and was able to escape bankruptcy and was able to invest more energy and time into his business.

Kroc stuck me as such a typical salesman not in a bad sense but the way he handled and was able to connect with you. You just really respected his hustle and drive. The moment where he took a risk and move to Florida to try new ventures. It was just a matter of time until he struck gold. You just wanted to root for him the whole way, because he just had such a positive outlook on life.

This is an inspirational book for anyone that is thinking that people get lucky. True, sometimes people do get lucky but I truly think that all of your misfortunes happen for a reason and with Kroc all of his failures lead him to McDonald’s.

This book kind of reminded me of the founder of Nike- Shoe Dog- Phil Knight just both of their abilities to work beyond imaginably possible. It was all of they can think about and their romantic relationships have suffered because of that. Phil Knight did a better job at being able to find someone who can truly support him and his business but Kroc’s first wife had a hard time accepting his trade off for his business for the lack of time and energy he spent with his wife.



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