Levels of Energy (part 3)

“For some, the thought of complete surrender is frightening. What these people don’t understand is the paradox that loss of all control is full control.”

“Observation from outside” allows you to gain perspective rather than be caught up in the automatism of it all. It also allows you to take the desperately needed break from upstream behaviour. When you get back into the stream (finish meditation) it is more probable that you will then be flowing with the stream rather than against it. Why? Because you’ve taken that time out to see in which direction the stream is actually flowing.”

“The point of this analogy is not to define what’s good or bad, but to tell you: If you are interested, there’s an easier way to go about life. As most souls are not interested in the easier way but more interested in drama and struggle, this “with the stream” path will give you a sort of “advantage” over your fellow human beings by which you appear “magical” to them.”

“for an ugly alligator swimming through the river. It is the assignment-of-importance towards that alligator that focuses you on it. So instead of steering clear of the alligator you move towards it. That’s just the opposite of what you wanted! But you cant stop thinking of that alligator over there. You resist it, fight it…and all the while you move closer.”

“Assigning too much importance to your desires builds up pressure and expectation…two things that actually separate you from what you want. The wizard does not wish for, need, crave…the wizard only intends. And intending is as easy as taking the tiny action of steering the boat to the left”

“How to ”create” a reality? That’s simple: When you visualize and identify with and feel the reality of something within (as if it has already come true) what happens in context of our analogy is the following: Your body starts making the right moves with the steering device of the boat or the paddles automatically. Your conscious mind doesn’t really know what’s going on or why your hand suddenly twitched which caused the boat to diverge to the left lane and into another river. But it just happened because there is a “pull” to that destination. Why? Because your soul and mind are already at that destination.”

“(in any case, define your importances yourself) and keep guiding your attention to the beautiful, the enjoyable and the simple.”

“At 475 one awakens to the force that creates the worlds. So the emphasis shifts from doing to being. And when one is being real, being truly oneself rather than what is prescribed by society, one appears “magical”.”
“Healing happens quickly in these energy-fields. It is difficult to maintain a cold or flu for more than a day when the body is filled with joy. Very difficult indeed. Adverse events are a rarity. And if they do happen they are not felt as adverse events but as interesting phenomena or challenges which can easily be overcome.”

“An analogy: There is a train on a train-track going in the wrong direction, heading for disaster. The low energy crowds will be sitting on either the left or the right side of the train, fighting over which side is “right” or “better”. This is at a 180. The 200s will try to make their ride worthwhile and maybe retreat to the dining cabin. The 300s will take lead of the train and ride it. The 400s will warn that the train is going in the wrong direction and petition for a change in that direction and even achieve a full-stop and turn around or diversion to another track. “

“The 510 is the height of the creator-type who reacts not to the world but has the world react to him, who never waits for the right circumstances but makes them. This energy-field is actually the height of the Ego before it recedes and then almost disappears at 600. It represents initiative, to start, to begin, to make new, to create, to lead the way. It is an energy-field 400s draw upon in order to lead and guide.”

“If you wish to control things, first control yourself. Oftentimes the 510 is influential but even more often he prefers anonymity over outer power, fame and wealth.”

“What is initiative? What is effortless to you? In which areas have you experienced power? What are you 100% in control of? What are some things that you decided that then came to be? What is your sphere of influence? What are some things you could actually achieve within the next weeks?”

“This is a very high space where you need not find things to love in order to increase your energy-level, because you are love itself. Appreciation of everything is present on a daily basis and often unconditional. At 530 one also experience a strong shift in perception:”

“What were some moments of love in your life? What do you deeply love? What do you deeply appreciate? What is sacred to you? What is special and unique? What is the best thing that has ever happened to you? What is a miracle you have seen yourself or heard about? What is evidence of the workings of a higher force/source? What are some examples of the abundance of the universe? What is exhilarating? What are some of the best things that exist? What is a moment you felt an intuitive hunch that turned out to be right?”

“The Is-ness of what-is, is obvious as it is. There is not much left to say. What is funny about life? What is funny about yourself? What is serenity? What is peace? When do you feel at peace? When do you feel completely happy? Is all well?”

“The Ultimate Enlightenment”, because it is indescribably vast. Its an infinite space which one is. One is not “in” that space, one “is”

“Another example: You could not hear the bird chirping if it were not for the background of silence. If everything were noise, you could not here anything in specific. So you need a lot of “nothingness” to perceive any “somethingness”. The Void is that which is ever-present before, during, after, in front of, behind every creation.”

“As you sit there notice what you hear. And notice how hearing happens all by itself.”

“So for a moment, let go of the „I hear“ or the thinking-about-hearing or the wanting-to-hear and be hearing itself. Notice that no “I” is required for hearing. Be the hearing and what is heard. Rest there for a few minutes. You will notice that there is no “me” that is separate from the Universe. That “me” is an Illusion.”

“The separation between “me” and Infinity starts disappearing.”

“Give up all filters and effort and concentration and merely “receive” what is there. Whatever sense or feeling comes up naturally when you do not spin stories or labels about it, is what is true. Some people naturally have this “open” way of seeing things from birth, others can learn it. Another method to allow perception to open is to look at a thing or a thought or a person or a event and tell yourself one of the following attitudes.”

“To review – the combination of familiarity with the scale, open/free perception without filters (as a camera would perceive a scene, not as a biased human would), and asking or making statements and feeling the answers as just described, will make it possible for you to determine the energy level of anything and everything.”





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