Levels of Energy (Law of attraction)

Here are some additional passages from a book I enjoyed called Levels of Energy. (Frederick Dodson)

“A technique I typically prescribe to the 200s is called Scripting in which I ask them to write elaborate movie-scripts of what they would like their lives to be. I have them write entire movie-scenes of their ideal life, along with dialogues, locations, perspectives in a mix of realism and dreaming. Mixing realistic and wishful images trains the mind to believe that higher and more courageous things are possible than it formerly thought. The Scripting technique trains Imagination, Focus, Courage – three things the 200s are lacking. The Scripting Technique, if you’d like to try it out, is good all the way up to the low 500s.”

“The kids want to go out and play, they want action and adventure (300), they want to learn (400). They don’t want to stuff themselves with food all day. The 340 grandma will however bake her bread with loving care and treat the kids with Humor and Kindness, which will heighten their energy rather than pull them down. The 220 grandma will put too much food on the table because the 200s are preoccupied with food.”

“The 250 is able to take action and achieve. He is limited in Imagination and has difficulty thinking outside the box. He acknowledges the existence of other viewpoints as his own while remaining skeptical outside of his realm of understanding. He needs proof of things before committing to them and risk-assessments before acting on things. “I’ll believe it when I see it” – this attitude slows him down because he will not do anything before its merits are blatantly in front of his nose. In this sense a bit more intuition and trust would do him good. Change comes slowly. An opening to new projects, ideas and circumstances comes slowly. He feels strengthened by intellectual reasoning and connections, networks and contacts to others. His biggest challenge is making it to 275 (Courage).”

“This is the level that creates a police force, law and order, recognizable routines. The energy-field makes your living place safe. I lived in a place with lots of 250-energy.(the place overall was 400, a level that requires a strong 250-vibe as a basis). It has a crime rate of almost zero. Fields, houses, farms, streets, street-signs in perfect order. I took many long walks at night there without a worry in the world. And while it was clean, safe and manageable, there was this all-pervasive boredom. If you went walking after 9 o’clock, all the lights were already off and the town was asleep. After all, they had to get up early next morning to work.”

“The 18 books I wrote are making money for me. In fact I could quit working entirely and would be well fed for the rest of my life due to my book-cheques. The importance of not having to work, not being forced to work for survival is that it frees up a lot of negative energy (especially fear and worry) so that you can place attention on more important things than money. Money is taken care of so that you can finally focus on the things you like.”

“The body is attacked by it but quickly regenerates after the film is over. It is the constant repetition of certain themes which has an accumulative negative effect on mass-consciousness.”

“Watching several 300s-movies can actually make you more successful in life, on the job and in relationships. Watching 400s movies can make you smarter and 500s movies can bring tears of joy to your eyes, while 600 movies can leave you in a state of silent amazement and inner awe for hours. You will learn how to measure what exactly a movie is and is not later.”

“dreams of adventure in foreign countries, foreign affairs, meeting new people. This energy level is more open to the new and looking for the unique. It is the state of consciousness the average joe has who’s mind is in the process of expanding. It is also what many 500s drop down to at their worst.”

“This level can be stabilized by doing sports, moving ones body, travelling, flirting. But in order to progress, she needs to develop some new skills. Why not learn a new language? Why not learn how to play the guitar? Why not try to enjoy times with your family again rather than always thinking you need to “break free”? And if you continue to do so, why not separate from your spouse?”

“America and Europes obsession with fitness, wellness and health-foods is a telltale-sign of great masses of people gradually ascending to 300.”

“As energy reaches the 300s it begins extending kindness to others than only oneself. While the 275 is kind to others he still has plenty of ego-centric tendencies and the 310 is more modest, more firm, more supportive. As one passes 300 one becomes more responsible and disciplined. Someone above 300 normally does not require “motivation” from external sources, he is self-motivating. At 300 you will find a turning point in attitude towards acquisitions: Rather than looking. . . to get, to take, to acquire, you value, appreciate, like.”

“Another exercise that would train you into the 300s would be to write down or take note of things you appreciate, things you could say “yes” to. The average human walks around town on random attention, scattered, and often taking note of that which is unappreciated. The opposite of that would be walking around in the following manner: I like the suit that person over there is wearing. That’s a beautiful building over there The roof of it is especially stunning I like this type of temperature What I like about this street is all the quaint shops Do you smell that? That smells fantastic! Don’t do this as some routine technique or forced happiness.”

“I recommend you act-as-if something has already happened. That will make its energetic attraction more likely than if you merely go around naively wishing something that you think is not real should become real.”


“His audio and book materials and private consultations measure higher than his large-crowd Seminars. However, the reason he is able to fill an Arena with people, the reason he has reached many Millions more than other NLP-type Coaches is because of his 530 energy. When crowds get very excited when someone appears on stage, that person on stage is usually (at least for that moment) above 500. Because NLP is based on a mechanistic cause-and-effect paradigm, it rarely surpasses the 400s. Almost all copies of Anthony Robbins, especially many of the Europe-based “motivational trainers” measure at 160-290.”

“The high-energy-level of science-fiction comes from its visionary and creative.”

“At energy level 320 true inner Positivity begins. Not the fake smile, not the effortful “positive thinking” of someone who feels down, but true positive Intent towards oneself, others and the world.”

“It is the self-confidence of one who needs nobodies approval. He knows he can only give energy to the world if he has enough of it himself.”

“The 320 is an open minded person, an extrovert who expresses a “Lets go!”, “Lets do it!” attitude along with an “I’m OK, you’re OK” in human relations. In a professional environment she is lively, able to work in a team and willing to be productive on a daily basis. In a home environment she is a good parent, kind to children, animals and the elderly and a responsible householder. The 320 is often in good mental and physical shape. She can easily discern between fact and fiction.”

“On a society-level the “neutral party” is often the most powerful or unafflicted and often the one most fit to act as a mediator in conflict. Switzerland is a good example.”

“Allocating more Budget to Space Travel than the Military would be a sign of civilization moving from an overall 200 to an overall 300.”

“good life does not cost any energy at all. You don’t have to deserve it, make it, reach it, fulfill it, achieve it, create it. It is a given. A birthright. Normal. It actually happens by itself when you are your most natural self. You don’t believe that? Then you are one of the crazies. But that’s alright, most people are.”

“You have been taught that “action is what moves mountains” and “no pain, no gain”. Contrast this belief by looking around you. Look at the trees. The stars. The mountains. Look at whatever you see outside of your window. The sun. The grass. The leaves. The sand. Has any of this come about by your taking action? Take a minute to look around at all the things that already exist without you having needed to do anything. Will you admit that almost everything that exists and is happening, just happened, without any deliberate involvement or work required from you?”

“One option would be to let go of your oars. This would mean letting go of all control and resistance. What happens? Your life speeds up and you arrival at good-for-you destinations is quicker. It is not you “creating” anything anymore, it is not you “doing” anything “in order to achieve something” anymore, it is full surrender and trust in the life force, in God, in the universe. On a daily life basis this would mean that you trash your plans, trash your goal-lists, trash your to-do-lists, quit “trying to get” and generally just look at what feels good and right from day to day.”



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