Lesson in Letting Go

I was trying to enroll one of my mentees into this Personal Development Program called the Landmark Forum, and I realized how frustrated I was getting when he told me he dropped out of the program. My blood was boiling. I can’t believe how angry I was that he wasn’t listening to me. It’s interesting when you see so much on yourself in another human being. 

Lately, I have been meeting with my therapist, CoachHub coach, and my executive coach that I have been working with for a year and a half now. I’m very grateful that I have so many support systems through work, surrounded myself with great people through the mens’ group that I put together. 

When I was doing the Tony Robbins Date with Destiny, one of the big realizations I had was that I would like to have more faith and trust in society, systems, and the world. I’m typically a pretty optimistic guy, and some of it was false optimism where I do believe in humanity, but for some reason, I have resistance towards big brother and organizations. I understand people are inherently good, but for some reason, when you get everyone together all of a sudden, the system is bad. It’s interesting how the human mind works. We are capable of building such beautiful things, yet we are also capable of such destruction. 

These are my top ten lessons that I learned from doing Tony Robbins.

  1. I am loved, and there is no amount of external validation that will give me the type of love that self-love does the body good. 
  2. Knowing that, I know nothing. One of my survival mechanisms is judgmental guru meaning that I think I know better because I’ve read so many books and have listened to so many podcasts from the world’s most extraordinary people. The more I dive into things, the more I realize how much we don’t know. Pattern recognition is essential, and it’s great for problem-solving but not great for when a loved one wants to be heard and recognized.
  3. Keeping yourself in a peak state is essential- that looks different for everyone. For me, it looks like Crossfit in the morning, with some stretching so that my legs and body are loose. A bit of meditation, getting some air outside, and some social interaction. I also love being able to read and learn something new every week. 
  4. How lucky I have to be so blessed with a job that I enjoy. Not everyone has a career where they are excited to come to work every day. I get to work with Talent Development folks, and it’s so cool to be able to contribute the way we do. 
  5. Tony Robbins is a masterful Story Teller. He’s so gifted and talented in leaving you hanging on to every word. I’ve listened to a lot of speeches. I have read so many biographies, and I’m captivated by charismatic people. The way he understands someone’s world and can help them get over things like depression and suicide is such a gift. He was able to help this one lady who was going to take her life right after Date with Destiny, and he flew her into West Palm Beach to meet him and everyone there. That was such a beautiful sight. 
  6. I’ve come a long way. To have this life where I get to make a difference, be present to my beautiful wife, and how much unconditional love we have for each other. 
  7. Effective Blaming- We all remember a lot of the negative things that our parents have done “to us,” but most of us do not remember all of the beauty that our parents have created for us. I was present to how my dad sacrificed a lot for us to live a life in America. The pressures of being a parent are not easy, especially when you have three kids. He lost a bit of himself taking care of us. I can genuinely acknowledge him now, and yes, sometimes I have my off days, but I can truly just be with him and not want him to be any different. That’s huge for me even to say that. 
  8. To focus my energy and time on family and with my wife– I’m so lucky that she’s been very patient with me, and I love how we have been spending time cooking together and discovering each other newly. I don’t need any more friends. I have enough friends a part of me will always enjoy meeting new people. This new chapter in our lives will revolve around enjoying the present moment and being able to spend quality time with my lovely wife. Yesterday, we watched Doctor Who, and being able to enjoy and give time so that I can even watch TV with her is a blessing.
  9. Creating my relationship vision where we get to intentionally design travel and visit all of the countries. Whenever we focus our energies on something. It’s way more likely to happen. 
  10. My new primary question which is, How can I fully appreciate the peace at this moment? Such a simple reminder of being able to enjoy my life and not rush the process. 

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