Jim Rohn’s My Philosophy for Successful Living

These were my favorite passages from Jim Rohn’s book on Successful Living. Jim was the godfather of Career Development and he was one of the most influential people who helped Tony Robbins train him to start his own business.

“I have had thousands of people attend my presentations in locations all over the world, ranging from Malaysia and Singapore to Mexico, Russia, and Korea. Yet, I have never lost sight of what I see as my two key responsibilities. First and foremost, I want people to always feel as though they absolutely received value for the money that they spent. I want every participant to walk out of one of my presentations saying, “I certainly got  my money’s worth!” 

“The bottom line is that time is more precious than money. You can always get more money, but you can’t get more time. When you spend a day doing something, you have one less day to spend in another way. You can’t exactly “earn” that day back later. This means that you always need to spend your time wisely and get the best value for your time that you can.” 

“I learned an interesting economics axiom when I was 25 years old. Essentially, this axiom stated that we get paid for bringing value to the marketplace. The general idea is that no matter who you are, if you bring value to the marketplace, you will be rewarded. This is how the marketplace works. I began my self-education when I was  25, and by the time I was 31 or so, I was a millionaire. I feel that it was due, in part, to the fact that I had embraced this concept wholeheartedly.” 

“Once I understood the possibilities of personal development, I literally found it difficult to sleep. In fact, for the first year I hardly slept at all. For at that point, I understood a powerful fact: formal education gets you a job, but self-education is what makes you rich!” 

“I found my mentor who promptly began deciphering and debunking all my flawed thinking. He pointed out that my approach from ages 19-25 had simply not worked. He also told me that I desperately needed to abandon my excuses, such as “taxes are too high”, and encouraged me to forego my list of excuses. His advice was to list out all of my excuses and then rip that list to shreds. Then get a new piece of paper and put one word on it – “me.” 

“This shift in perspective sparked my journey. One of the lessons I learned was that each individual’s personal income is determined primarily by his or her philosophy. If you refine and change your philosophy, then everything around you will change as well. This, of course, includes your income. This strategy works and it’s amazing!” 

“There is a good reason for the fact that just about everyone wants to come to America and that reason is our amazing Economic Ladder. The American Economic Ladder ranges from people earning a few thousand dollars a year to hundreds of millions! But how can you go from making a few thousand dollars a year to making a few million? That is, well, the Million Dollar Question isn’t it? The answer once again is philosophy.” 

“You could wait for the government to raise the minimum wage, thus adopting what could be considered a  philosophy of governmental intervention. However, you will never become a top-earner if you are depending on that to happen. Nor can you depend upon the company you are working for to do it either.” 

“No. Even if you band together with other workers and go on strike, you will never become a top-earner using the philosophy of collective confrontation either. None of these philosophies or approaches will help you achieve your end goal. They just don’t work. It is quite possible in America to become wealthy, but only if you have the correct philosophy. What does work then? What works is the fourth philosophy, which I like to call the philosophy of performance and productivity. With this philosophy, you do what is necessary to improve yourself and your capabilities. You learn to do more and be more.” 

“If you are walking around with the distorted idea that succeeding in America is too hard, then you have the wrong philosophy. That means you need to undergo a process of self-education.” 

“you work hard on yourself, you can make a fortune. What is the reason for this truth? Success is not something you pursue. Success is something that you attract by becoming an attractive person. The way that you become rich is not by wishing your life were easier, but instead by focusing on making yourself better.”

“If you help enough people get what they want, you can have everything you want.” 

“great philosophy that is at the heart of transforming your life. Invest in yourself, invest in your own self education and then take that knowledge and use it to help others get what they want and need out of life. In the process, you will acquire power and financial freedom.” 

“One of the key lessons that I taught my students is that poor people and rich people have wildly different philosophies. For example, here’s the philosophy that ensures poverty: spend your money and invest what is left.  The bottom line is that this strategy will make you poor. On the flip side, here is the philosophy that will make you rich: invest your money and spend what is left. You can have the same amount of money, but thanks to a  difference in philosophy, you can achieve dramatically different results.” 

“Secondly, learn how to find good people. A business needs good people behind it. You can’t do everything. I  took my inspiration from the Bible on this one. A Biblical lesson that always stood out in my mind was that if you search you can find good people, but you have to be committed to searching. Taking the time and effort to search for good people will yield the reward of finding quality people. This sounds simple enough, but it’s a  point that many would-be entrepreneurs and employers often overlook.” 

“Here is what I like to call the Wealth Philosophy and it is as follows: be so busy giving others recognition, that you don’t really need it for yourself. (Don’t worry, you’ll be paid back many-fold for your  efforts.) 

“Just as you will need more than one skill for the 21st Century workplace, you will likely need more than one language. This comes as a bit of a shock to a nonlinguistic culture, such as the United States. But many people  around the world, such as in Europe and Asia, already speak multiple languages. This gives them an edge. For example, as you read this book, millions of people are currently learning English in China. When I travel to  Scandinavian countries, I don’t need a translator. This process is already well under way.” 

“We can see this struggle between liberty and tyranny, light and darkness, at play in other aspects of life as well.  A good example of this is in the realm of health. You need to keep your body strong and healthy if you are going to achieve your dreams and your goals. This aspect of success is often overlooked, but it is critical for happiness and success. After all, how can you tackle your dreams and desires if you lack energy or even worse are ill?” 

“Keep this in mind: you are not a tree. You are not an immobile object, stuck in one place with virtually no mobility. As a thinking, mobile human with intellect and free will, you can interact with your environment on a  high-level. You can take your own personal philosophy, born out of self-education and personal development,  and make dramatic changes. These changes can impact the world around you and, of course, your own life as well.” 

“So stop and ask yourself some important questions: * What do you want for yourself? * What do you want for your family? * What do you want for your business? * How much are you willing to give? * How much do you want to share? * What are your goals? * Are these goals inspiring? * How do they make you feel?” 

“Many people, however, will work blindly without taking the time to reflect on their progress. Stopping periodically to access and measure one’s progress is a critical aspect to success. Setting a goal, as we have covered, is a central and vital place in the process of achieving your goals and financial independence. However,  keeping track of your progress is key.” 

“Society does not demand that you take good care of yourself so that you can be healthy. Nor does society demand that you build a financial wall around your family. There is no law that you do any of these things. This all boils down to personal responsibility, self-education and self-development.” 

“You might suspect that there is a moral judgment in all of this, but that is not necessarily the case. Consider for a  moment that a bad person can make great decisions, and a wonderful person can make poor decisions. Your character and moral compass does not necessarily mean that you will make excellent decisions or horrible decisions.” 

“Medical research is strongly indicating that relationships can actually increase your lifespan. With this in mind,  why not cultivate quality friendships? Just remember to make certain that the friendships that you do cultivate are positive ones and those friends are a positive force in your life. 3. Respect your Origins The third element on our list is to know your culture, heritage, language and history. Diversity is part of what has made America great. Understanding the contributions of our ancestors to this great multi-cultural and multi-ethnic nature is a  must!”

“I met Neil Armstrong — the first man on the moon — and he said, “Going to the moon, all you had to do was solve two problems. The first was how to get there. The second was how to get back. Make sure you don’t leave  till you’ve solved both problems.” 

“Price replied, “It’s about a train and I’m the conductor. But this train is a different train. You can buy a ticket and go back to any point in your life you would like to start over. When you get to that point, I can stop the train and let you off, and you can start your life over from there. I think everybody would like to go back and start  their life over at some point, don’t you?” 

“Don’t buy the second car till you’ve bought the second house. It’s not cars that make you rich, it’s houses that make you rich. I love real estate!” 

“Jim: The difference between a professional and an amateur is if they lose a close game, the amateur probably lets it affect him forever. For the professional, it only lasts a few minutes and they say, “Tomorrow night we’ll  run them off the court.” But the amateur lets it linger and linger.” 

“Jim: First, I’d go for the need in the marketplace. Someone said, “To be successful, find a great human need.”  Second, find the answer to that need. And third, take the quality and quantity of service to as many people as you can reach in your lifetime. So that’s pretty simple.” 

“Jim: Ultimately the greatest passion is to be extremely successful so that you can bless not only yourself and your family, but others along the way.”

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