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Quotes The Communcation Course Part 3 by Frederick Dodson

“Communication is not only what you say but also what you don’t say, withhold or fail to say. If for example you wish to retain power, speak less, chatter less, justify less, react less. If you do not want a situation to get out of hand, save your disagreement for a later time when you are in a better state.”

“Half of all corporate problems are due to a lack of Communication and Clarity.”

“Be respectful of others’ limits and reality-frames. Peace and Harmony are just as much an asset as Truth and Frankness.”

“Many people are not mature enough to accept truth at all times and in all situations. Social Sensitivity is also about the Timing in which certain truths are shared.”

“To explore reality frames a little… Write down something you think is true and others also think is true Write down something you think is true and others think is not true Write down something you think is not true and others think is true Write down something you think is not true and others also think is not true What conclusions do you draw from this? Something that is true for everyone is called facts or Absolute Truth. Something that is only true for some is called opinions or Relative Truth.”

“An ancient Chinese saying goes: “If you want to enforce your will, speak softly”. That means that disagreement can be expressed in an agreeable manner and that will more likely have the other respect your decision than if you try to force-feed your point with anger. Mood and Intention are the carrier-waves of words. You will get back what you put out.”

“The vibration will influence your voice and you will radiate boredom all over the room and people will indeed start getting bored!”

“When you are in neutral-mode your telepathic and empathetic abilities are the highest. Why? Because you are not preoccupied with all the “stuff” that normally goes on in the mind.”

“If you can help others feel better about life, you have excelled at Communication.”

“If you can put some effort into still treating people special, your Communication flow with the world skyrockets.”

“Let go of all past memories of the person and treat them well, looking at them with fresh here-and-now eyes. Make others a little more important while understating your own importance.”

“Of course all this assumes that you have the energy to give. If you lack energy, your interactions with others will be disharmonious. So it is important to retreat to your own space regularly, to recharge, before venturing out into the world.”

“He saw problems but did not have the courage to stand up and point them out. Thus he was not contributing to the betterment of the companies he worked for.”

“And you enchant them by seeing them the way soul sees them: with fascination.”

“Every human being is full of surprising answers to anything and everything.”

“called Forgiving and then Shifting Attention and sometimes that entails leaving the room.”

“Two people fighting is usually two hurt Egos interlocked in their mind-stories. For the fighting to stop, one of the people involved has to let go of their story, at least temporarily let go of “being right”.”

“There is a difference how you see yourself and how others see you. And the truth lies in the middle of the two. While you are sitting there, imagine you are standing in front of you, looking at yourself sitting there. What do you feel? What do you see? What do you sense?”

“I enjoy judging them positively. This type of judging has a powerful effect upon both the judge and the judged. When practicing this, you distort your perception so that you see only their best sides and the judged feel they can relax in your presence. They will feel your positive disposition and it will uplift them.”

“As a Seminar Coach I use this tool to influence my groups positively. I pre-judge them as “enlightened beings” who know just as much or even more than I do and who are entirely capable of becoming all they can be, who are competent, intelligent, creative. When a teacher puts trust in students, this supports them, it opens a space where they can become that!”

“I am full of prejudice…but in the positive sense! If I see someone struggling, my first thought will not be “What a poor idiot” but rather “He can do it”. The mere thought is transferred telepathically and subconsciously felt by the receiver.”

“As you look at someone neutrally, with no opinion or agenda at all, you view their true nature. As you judge them positively, you notice their best sides, as you judge them negatively, you notice their dark sides. It can be fun and give you a new experience to label people positively and then see how their behavior changes accordingly, to see how much of what you experience is projected internally.”

“Take them as-they-are and you make it easier for them to become someone better. This is how you become a positive influence on others. Through your charm you can easily influence others. Through nods and words of acknowledgement.”

“It can take some real practice to overcome the tendency to say “You should”, “He should”, “She should”, “They should”. The paradox is that once you let go of needing to change others your influence on others will expand to awesome levels. You will notice they are then sometimes willing to do anything you ask. Put differently: You can either run around trying to chase butterflies with a catching-net or you can hold the scent that butterflies most like and are naturally attracted to.”

“Because the language you use shapes what you are able to Imagine. And what you are able to Imagine, changes your energy-state, makes all the difference between Depression and Enthusiasm. The difference between public speakers, well-known actors, popular politicians, well-known authors, Casanovian seducers and normal folk is in that their language evokes images.”

“Choose an Object in your surroundings and describe it in detail. Did you try that? And how did it go? Anyone who has ever tried to write fiction first encounters the difficulty of how to describe things.”

“Being mindful of people’s reality-frames is the basis of good communication. If you know how to word and phrase things, you can be quite frank, straightforward, taboo-breaking, or controversial…and nobody will mind.”

“Another way to bring an “enemy” to your side is to ask for their help. Why does this work? Because those who don’t like you do not view you with compassion. But the moment you request their help, they are able to view you as someone in need and their heart softens.”

“Like a plant that needs to be watered, a relationship needs an injection of fresh ideas and attitudes now and then. If such a mutual understanding cannot be reached, its better you both physically separate for a few months to find your own unique identities again and release preconceptions about your partner before either returning or moving on.”




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