Increase Your Energy-Frederick Dodson

These are my favorite quotes from the book Increase your Energy.

“Reducing your reaction is one way to release stress. Another way to do it is by embracing whatever seems to be causing stress, thus becoming bigger than the stress.”

“exchange that with the belief “traffic jams are a great opportunity to think about some important things”.”

“being able to deeply relax while staying awake provides an even deeper experience of well-being.”

“High Alpha Normal Waking Life but Relaxed, Calm, At Ease, Content, Observing, Aware, More Open.”

“In short, desire and resistance cause inner tension. Learning the art of calm is learning to release that tension into sweet relief.”

“It works because all tension/worry is mind/ego created. And when you focus on something or do any deliberate action the mind slows down.”

“Sit or walk around your home and touch various textures. You take an object into your hands, play with it a little, examine it, touch it and get a good sense of its texture. Then you put it aside and look for another texture to explore. Ignore the urge to go away and do something else; ignore the impulse that this would be a boring task and move on with it in a childlike manner until you feel deeply connected to the physical universe. Touching texture” is also focusing, albeit with your hands.”

“you always only have the present moment, there is no escape from that. The minute you embrace the present and give up trying to “get somewhere better”, things do get better.”

“Whatever you are worried about, go straight toward it instead of away. Instead of holding your breath, breathe it in. The way out is the way through. If you’re only shying away from fear because you want to feel comfortable all the time, you will never feel the energy that is so much stronger and better than merely “feeling comfortable”.”

“You put yourself into the situations you were afraid of, until you can handle them with ease. Not the situations that threaten your survival but the harmless things – such as public speaking, confessing something to a relative, proposing to someone, etc. You use this on fears that are stopping you to live fully. Are you afraid of failing? Then go out and try to fail deliberately a few times. Embrace failing. Fail! It’s not as bad as the mind thinks it is.”

“it is the fear of failure, the frozenness you get when you don’t want to act because you are afraid you will fail. People who never fail are usually not succeeding either.”

“It’s because they are hungrier. But it’s also because, already having hit rock bottom, they are no longer afraid of it. When you lose everything, you have everything to gain.”

“Fear tends to attract what it is afraid of. So either let go of your fear or allow it to happen. Once you authentically allow it to happen, you may find that it does not happen.”

“The reason he feels well is because he has been through it all, confronted it all and has nothing more to lose. You also get a sense of the truth of your existence, which is: You cannot be extinct. And even if you could, it wouldn’t matter because you wouldn’t know because you are extinct.”

“Often the anticipated is more terrifying or joyful than the actual event.”

“This, in turn, is connected to too much thinking about how one appears to the other. ”

“anger does more harm to you than the other. It gets you out of control, it constricts your body and mind, it narrows your view so that you can think of nothing other than the injustice or that person. The best revenge against someone is not a feeling of anger, but a release of the emotion, a release of attention from that person.”

“they look at what “the other is doing wrong”.

“they look at the mind-story, which is made up of similar past events. So of course, here again, emotional releasing is the best way to solve the whole problem. You don’t look at what energies are coming from the other, you look at your own inner reactions and dissolve them step by step.”

“Write with the intention of truly being sorry about it all. Confess it all. Admit it all. Bluntly let out all the B.S. you have been living. Then, once the paper is written (and it can span several pages!), forgive yourself lovingly. Meditate on loving forgiveness. Give yourself some love, despite all of your shortcomings.”

“Maybe you remember a time in childhood when your parents did not allow you to eat certain sweets. If you did so anyway,  you may have felt guilty about it.  If you felt excessive guilt, it was almost certain that you would do it again in a few days.”

“With such a serious and stern atmosphere surrounding the subject of relationship, romance, affairs, sex, to the point that she could never talk about these things with anyone, much less her husband, it was guaranteed that she would seek outlet elsewhere again. Put into yet other words: Only a caged bird feels the urgent need to fly away.”

“If you crashed my car, I`d much rather you take it to the repair shop than sit at home feeling guilty.”
“Whatever it is that is bothering you, why don’t you just drop it? None of your stories have anything to do with what’s going on here and now. The mind just keeps replaying them because it thinks you need those thoughts for survival.”
“Instead, it pertains to the widely unnoticed energy-attraction-law that wanting to change things = a lacking state.”
“Stress is Mostly Subjective Stress is mostly subjective, an internal issue of consciousness, not an external reality.”
“stress is a lack of love, an unwillingness to make the best of a situation. One instead blames the external for ones ills. Blaming the external is the opposite of being a reality-creator.”
“Every bout of resentment sends waves of vibration into the Universe cutting you off from the stream of good fortune. Instead, try this:   1. Write down a few things you are angry about. 2. Write down things you did that were motivated by anger. 3. Write down some of the petty demands and expectations (“He/She/They should…”) you have. (Example: She mustn’t come in my office while I am working!”) 4. Write down who you resent and why you resent them. 5. Write down who you think is stupid, evil or both (example: people who believe differently than you).”
“If you are reading this looking to heal chronic anger issues, the most important thing for you to know is that anger is still your decision. You always have the choice whether you are going to behave like an infant and make a fool of yourself or interrupt your pattern and regain composure.  Anger is only legitimate if you use it to elevate yourself from lower states or as a response to a real external threat. Other than that, all anger does is keep you enslaved in a negative, unproductive, uncreative rigmarole, a phantasmagoria of delusional thinking.”
“People are different and it is not your job to get everyone in line with your views. Any disagreement is an opportunity for you to learn. As you let go of narcissistic grandiosity, you start listening to what others have to say rather than insisting they listen to you.
Making “letting go” a practice for life can save you the money for a dietician, lawyer, yoga-teacher, therapist, vacation, etc. The only thing people need a “vacation” from is their own inner resistance to their emotions.”
“Releasing is a process that goes on over years as if peeling layers of an onion. You allow that which was suppressed and hidden from yourself to come up to be confronted and let go of. If someone has a lot of inner resistance, then these processes can be painful. However, with some practice and deliberate effort – and the general Life-Intention of psycho-spiritual expansion – you get lighter and lighter and lighter, the more you release and clear.”
“Make a drama of it. Continue to exaggerate the issue and pump it up until you burst out in laughter. The laughter is an indicator that you have released the resistance and transcended the energy.”
“just be-with-what-is-as-it-is, they’d experience a surge in energy. Temporary short-term discomfort for long-term energy is much preferable to temporary distraction (“well-being”) at the expense of long-term energy. Clearing, releasing and letting go is all about putting aside your smartphone (for instance) and just feeling whatever you are feeling, then releasing it. This practice is, of course, quite impossible if you overload yourself with too much “entertainment”.
“Embracing and Releasing This technique is simple, yet powerful. I have described it many times before and will do so again here. It consists of two steps only: 1. Embrace a thought/emotion (confront, welcome, view, enjoy). 2. Release the thought/emotion ( cease to react, retrieve attention, relax).”


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