How to Create Rapid Change in your Health, Wealth, and Habits

The SEVEN Most EFFECTIVE Methods of SELF- HYPNOSIS: How to Create Rapid Change in your Health, Wealth, and Habits. by Richard Nongard, Roger Moore

These were my favorite passages from this book.

“I confirmed that I could be mindful in the moment, living in my preferred reality, sending my pain off to another reality.” 

“The self-hypnosis group had a decrease of headache frequency that was 62% more effective than either the placebo group or the group who got medication.” 

“The word trance might conjure up the image of a mindless drone following the bidding of the master but trance is a naturally occurring phenomena. In fact, we are in some kind of trance twenty-four hours a day. Perhaps our sleeping trance, our working trance, our eating trance, our television or internet surfing trance. We have anxiety trances, happiness trances, pain trances, our daydreaming trance, or any other type of trance when we are selectively focused.” 

“Selective attention – Selective attention is one of the most valuable skills you can learn. It will help you to both utilize trance state more effectively and to choose where you place your attention. Focus equals fuel, and where our attention goes, our energy flows. Right now, your selective attention is on the words you are reading. If I were to take away the book, you would need to decide on where to place your attention or your mind would start swimming in thoughts. Should your goal to be improve your focus, many of these thoughts would be less resourceful than what you are reading.” 

“I tend to prefer long inductions that actually help us practice skills like relaxation or creating from within. Visualization can be used, eye fixation (which is really the practice of directing our attention) or any number of other techniques. The result of the induction is selective attention and an ability to move into self-suggestion.” 

“Another way to do this is to use free audio software to record your suggestions, and listen to them.” 

“Self-hypnosis indicates a readiness to change, and self-efficacy (believing in yourself) can be enhanced through the methods of self-hypnosis.” 

“One of the principles of mindfulness (a self-hypnosis strategy) is being non-judgmental about your thoughts, your feeling, and your awareness. In using this strategy in self-hypnosis you will increase your success by decreasing self-blame and not being as hard on yourself as you were in the past.” 

“This is an example of hypnosis. We selectively focused on the story to a point where we accept that it was real. I promise you, the producers of the movie did not sacrifice a real dog to make a movie. In fact, since they filmed the whole movie in a matter of months, 

“Yet, everyone who saw the movie experienced it as real. Movies, music and other art is powerful because is it hypnotic. The more hypnotic, the better the reviews.” 

“organ music, an upbeat tempo, and smile from the pastor. In hypnosis, we call this the reorientation and awakening.” 

“Advertising works, and it works because of hypnotic suggestion. Even, politicians speak hypnotically to get you to buy into their cause.” 

“If you believe that the world is flat, you will avoid taking a boat too far, lest you fall off the edge. If you believe that immunizations are worse than the illness they prevent, you will reap illness. If you believe we are all just prisoners of life and controlled by the government, you will act without significance or autonomy. If you believe you cannot stop smoking, you will smoke. If you believe you hurt, you will feel pain. If your mind believes you will struggle financially, you will struggle financially. It really is that simple. We act on what we believe. The key to changing your situation in life, be it health, wealth or habits, is to dehypnotize yourself as much as it is to hypnotize yourself.” 

“The only way to change limiting beliefs, cognitive errors, and stinking thinking is through a three-stage process. The three stages are: ● Recognize errors ● Remove old ideas ● Replace them with truth” 

“In self-hypnosis you can also use a process like the John’s Model of Reflection. This is based on asking yourself five questions while in an open-minded resource state. ● Access a resource state of reflection and ask, am I ready for honest reflection? ● Ask what are the influencing factors in any situation? ● Ask, how could I have dealt with it differently? ● Ask, what can I learn from this situation? ● Ask, how can I describe it differently?” 

“Autosuggestion is actually a skill you will learn and it is a form of positive affirmation. When you master the practice of autosuggestion, we can build on it and use it in conjunction with other methods of self-hypnosis and make them even more powerful.” 

“Present living is much better than living in a future projection of “what-ifs.” The idea behind mindfulness is not to ignore stark realities, or unpleasant thoughts, but to see them as they are – simply thoughts at this moment. We all know that our thoughts about the future often do not materialize in the way that we anticipate them. Many people go through life expecting to work hard or even just scrape by, but then experience a windfall and are pleasantly surprised to find that life is filled with rewards that were never expected.” 

“If you follow this method, you will be able to write your own hypnotic commands (hypnotic suggestions). For now, you already have mastered hypnotic affirmations. You can use the affirmation method Émile Coué taught us.” 

“These are called direct suggestions. The people who come on stage in a show are really hypnotized (they are in their “I want to have fun” trance). And they are responding to the direct suggestions because they trust that the performer knows how to guide them in having the most fun.” 

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