How I became a rising Creator on Facebook (top 2% of creators)

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For context, Facebook gives you an award where it says you are in the top 2% of creators, as seen in this picture. 

I will share with you the top ten things on how I achieved this milestone. 

  1. Post daily– even if it’s something small, like acknowledging a friend. I will post daily gratitude lists as a practice, and if it’s someone’s birthday I’ll make sure to give them a lovely note. 
  2. Ask thought provoking questions– I experiment with answering things that I’m naturally curious about. What is a purchase that has been totally worth the ROI (any items under $100 dollars). 
  3. I use Facebook honestly as a way to just share what’s going on in my mind. It’s the best platform because it feels so personal that I can write about anything. With LinkedIn, I’m putting in more of a professional mindset, although it’s shifting where people are definitely starting to post more personal topics but not as often as Facebook. 
  4. I most recently started using the Reels functionality, which is their Answer to TikTok and YouTube shorts. Competing with Google and other platforms with a shorter attention span is smart, which is why they are giving creators money to compete with the other multibillion social media companies. Reels give me reach and help me get many more followers outside of my friend connections. 
  5. Use a combo of posts, stories, and reels. The combination will reach a wider audience than just relying on one of the methods to reach people. 
  6. You can check into things like when I’m at the airport or at a restaurant I’ve had so many people reach out to me saying oh, I’m just around the corner from you. Lets meet up. 
  7. I am asking for travel or any recommendations. The Facebook community loves to come together to help each other out. I’ve gotten good advice in general for so many different topics. 
  8. I love to show my food- because Facebook is a visual platform, and I’m passionate about food. I love sharing my life with the world and all of the exciting things I’m up to. 
  9. Connect with your community. I have been limiting my consumption of social media, and when I check it out from time to time, I will use Messenger to reach out to a friend or stay in touch with people. 
  10. I use it to store my photos. Nowadays, people don’t have as many physical photo albums. I do diversity my pictures, and during the anniversary of that activity or event, I am reminded, and it helps me appreciate the good times. 



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Purpose: I create an empowering context for curious and hungry people looking for fulfillment, experiences, and creativity. We do this by developing their growth mindset, introducing self-love, and powerful group experiences. It results in people with strong boundaries, resilient mental health, and practical life skills

People leave with the ability to land their dream job, have autonomy and flexibility with their lifestyle, travel the world, and create from their heart and soul.


Davidson was once broke, insecure, low-confidence, and frustrated by doing all the wrong activities. Addicted to drugs, validation, and wallowing in self-pity. No relationship to family, and at the mercy of other people’s suggestions and opinions.

It was hell.

After spending $100k hiring different coaches, traveling the world doing workshops around the world, reading>1000 books, and through curiosity, have created the most effective system to remove people from that situation. My life’s work is to bring joy and abundance to people who as on a similar path as I was and bring back the joy and abundance of their life.

Through shared experiences and storytelling, I inspire and model behaviors that lead to a richer, more fulfilled life full of joy, experiences, passion, and ecstasy from the richness of relationships and being able to experience the depths of the human experience.

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