How getting into Tech Sales can transform your life with Daisy Chung (Director of Sales at Orum)

Join us for Episode 153 of The Davidson Hang Podcast- a podcast about sales, Self Improvement, Business, and how we can make more money and become more successful offering tips and advice on how to achieve your goals.

I have with me Daisy Chung who is currently a Director of Sales at Orum. Orum is a software tool built for Sales that delivers instant live customer conversations to your target market. They are a series A tech start-up based in the bay area. Daisy made her way through Namely starting off as a Sales Development Representative and then was promoted to a Manager of Sales Development and then became an Account Executive and relocated to LA to start the office. She left Namely to become an Enterprise Account Executive being Employee #7 and became the Sales Rep of the year closing over 3.3 million in Annual Recurring Revenue.

These were my top ten takeaways from our conversation

1. Always have an empowering context- attitude makes a huge difference in an industry where rejection is something that you deal with pretty often working on deals throughout your career.

2. There is a huge upside to being in tech sales if you are willing to put in the work and you have a learning mindset.

3. Don’t be a follower. Because of the decisions, she’s made- she is able to live a life that includes a lot of freedom with a huge financial upside.

4. Don’t be afraid to take a risk. Of course, many of her friends took more conventional paths and she decided to choose a career that was different than everyone else and because of that, she’s able to have a ton of early success.

5. Be Coachable and be open to setbacks. There were times when she did not receive the promotion and in hindsight, it worked out because she wasn’t quite ready.

6. If you are curious about software sales reach out to find a mentor.

7. Breaking down goals into mathematical outputs will help you achieve your desired outcome more consistently. It all starts with a vision and then work your way backward to achieve your goals.

8. Evaluate the product, the accelerators, and what the upside is vs the base salary when considering a role in sales.

9. In software sales, you can really work hard and achieve your goals and make $400-500k a year and then take a year off if you really wanted to and that’s what is possible if you commit to this craft.

10. The Analogies between sales and life. Attitude determines altitude.

Check out her YouTube for more tips on the benefits of Tech Sales. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCf_Mi0sRHHZboZjB0Kv1R3A

If you want to connect with her on LinkedIn, click here.

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