How accurate is Repvue

I’m going to conduct an exercise based on the reviews on Repvue of the companies I’ve worked at and, based on their score was it accurate in terms of how great it was to work there from the POV of a Sales Rep

From Highest to Lowest on RepVue

  1. Udemy is 87.63

Based on this evaluation, I would say that it’s pretty accurate in terms of the Incentive, and the Base comp is really competitive. One of the highest I’ve ever seen in the market, and the only thing missing is an inbound lead/opportunity to make it one of the best companies to work for as a Sales Rep. You really have to hustle and grind to be successful as an Enterprise AE.

2. LinkedIn is 86.91

Pretty accurate it has the best Product Market Fit and Culture and Leadership out of all of the companies I’ve been at. The base comp and is weak but I actually did receive a ton of inbound leads/opportunity flow but I was working for LinkedIn Learning and I was an SMB AE so that might be skewed because typical SMB always gets a decent amount of inbounds/leads.  In my opinion, LinkedIn was the best company I’ve worked at for a sales rep.

3. SHI is 79.26

I was only an Inside Sales Account Manager but I do remember it was pretty easy to get our projected commissions but I would say the best part about SHI is the work life balance. It was pretty optimal in a way that is lacking in most companies based in NYC. One of the reasons why I left was because the pay was so low but it makes sense because part of the business model is hiring folks straight out of college.

4.TriNet is 75.91

I enjoyed TriNet because there was a decent amount of diversity and inclusion. Having worked in the NYC office, we had a ton of opportunities but we certainly worked hard for it. This was probably the most fun I’ve had as a sales rep. I was on an amazing team the NYC part was the best. We talk about the good times back when people where in the office everyday. There is no substitute for real life genuine face to face interactions this virtual world and virtual way of selling feels very transactional and this is less rapport compared to meeting with clients in real life. What I appreciated most about TriNet was that we were always out in the field. All of the software sales companies I’ve worked at does most of their business through zoom now which even if you are making all of the money in the world just doesn’t feel the same as the genuine connection you build sitting across the room from another human being.

5.CoachHub is 75.22

Pretty accurate representation, personally I really enjoyed the people at CoachHub but there were not a ton of Enterprise reps that were successful. Our Mid Market Reps did well but I was able to predict the future and there has been a ton of turnover which usually does happen when you are breaking into a new market.

6. Cheetah Digital is 74.73

Yikes, that’s pretty bad. I agree as well. I didn’t think the leadership was as outstanding as compared to LinkedIn. I was an Enterprise SDR and I remember that the comp plan was pretty competitive one of the highest I’ve ever seen at that time for an SDR role but there wasn’t much formal training and diversity and inclusion was something that they could have improved on.

7.Yelp is 74.19

I wasn’t at Yelp that long for this reason. It has the lowest Repvue score out of all of the companies I’ve ever worked for that is listed on Repvue. There were a few that were too small that they didn’t even show up on this website. Culture, Diversity, and Training were the strong points at Yelp. It was perfect for someone right out of college who is hungry but there wasn’t a ton of later stage opportunities in my opinion that is competitive enough to keep top performers from going to Google, LinkedIn, or any other company that pays more.

Let me know what your thoughts and if you have any questions in regards to any of these companies. I’d be happy to hop on a call and answer any questions you may have.


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