Homeless to Billionaire: The 18 Principles of Wealth Attraction and Creating Unlimited Opportunity by Andres Pira, Joe Vitale 

These were my favorite passages from a book about laws of attraction combining it with action to reach your goals and dreams.

“When you read his story, you will understand why this was something that Andres had to do for his mother. His ability to provide for her, in the end, was a significant experience honoring his mother’s impact on his life. What I took from this story that made me cry when he told it to me was that love and gratitude are freeing.” 

“Maybe you’re a skeptic when it comes to the Law of Attraction and manifestation, especially in business. After all, millions worldwide have read motivational books, and not everyone has been able to see results as I have. The difference lies in taking a specific action.” 

“I only have fragmented memories and very few details of the places where my life began.” 

“One wrong answer and I was sent back to my room until I mastered every part of my homework for that evening. While there were nights I resented my father’s harsh and strict methods, I learned valuable skills that would come into play later in life. I owe my sense of dedication and discipline when it comes to studying and gaining knowledge to my father.” 

“The two enemies of human happiness are pain and boredom.” He was right about boredom. Boredom, along with an impulsive mindset, didn’t make for smart decisions.” 

“The simple answer was that I was living a life without focus, without knowing what I wanted to do, be, or have in life. I walked through life not connecting my choices to my outcomes.” 

“Knowing exactly what you want in life is the first principle of wealth attraction. You must decide on specific goals that you want to achieve and be very clear about those goals and their importance in your life. The key is to keep that goal in the forefront of your mind and be open to adjusting it as new opportunities arise. Did I understand this when I bought that plane ticket? Absolutely not! I’m grateful that the universe understood it for me.” 

“make a third list: “What can I start doing today?” This list is meant to bring specifics to each thing you do want in life.” 

“Shaping your reality requires visualizing your future in full-color detail.” 

“How will I feel and act when I achieve it?” 

“Bright, vivid mental pictures are essential to creating opportunity in your life. You don’t need to understand the how of reaching your goals, just be clear on exactly what you want and how you will feel when you reach them.” 

“You get exactly what you ask for, so ask wisely.” 

“At the time, I believed that being made to ride to Phuket in the luggage compartment was another thing that was happening to me, and I could not see why. I made no connection between my choices and the outcomes. When I reflect on that experience, I realize that it was the most comfortable bus ride I have ever taken in my life, and those two guys who I never saw again saved me by getting the driver to take me on the bus. When the bus driver put me in the luggage compartment it was an act of kindness. The universe was introducing me to the kindness and generosity of the people in Thailand, the country I soon called home.” 

“Failure both hardens your spirit and teaches you lessons. Success comes when you soften and apply the lessons.” 

“Taking responsibility can be embarrassing, humbling, painful, and even costly. However, accepting responsibility for your choices can also be very empowering. Taking personal responsibility means not blaming others for your unhappiness. It means figuring out ways you can be happy despite others’ (negative) behaviors and despite external circumstances.” 

“If you want a quality, act as if you already have it,” he concluded.” 

“Thoughts become things. If you see it in your mind, you will hold it in your hand.” —Bob Proctor, You Were Born Rich 

“understand how I had ended up under these palm trees. Some nights I cried myself to sleep, and other nights I raged and blamed my company, my parents, and my friends for my situation. I blamed everyone and everything for ending up homeless—except myself.” 

“Think positive. Visualize, and you will receive.” 

“Things started to happen in my life very quickly as I became better and better at creative visualizations, calming my mind, and writing down daily goals. My life changed because of my daily morning routine of sitting in my garden, visualizing all my goals and events that I wanted to materialize. On the way to work, I would repeat my affirmations loudly. I would sit in my car and yell, “I’m the best salesperson in Thailand! Everyone who meets me loves to buy from me! I create my reality! I am a master salesman! I am a successful person! I am a happy and helping person! I am in the process of becoming wealthy!” I finally felt in control of my life, and it motivated me to keep pushing harder and taking more and more action.” 

“I AM whole. I AM healthy. I AM happy. I AM wealthy. I AM helpful.” 

“making sure nothing enters without proper reason. Daily affirmations are very important to keep your mood elevated and your subconscious programmed with the right thinking and behaviors you need to achieve your deepest desires. Adding I am to my daily affirmations made all the difference.” 

“I started to meditate again, and after just one session I was filled with calm and was much clearer on what I wanted to be, do, or have in my life. I wrote down affirmations and applied my auto-suggestions backed by positive feelings. My walls were once again beginning to become covered in A4 sheets with strong affirmations written all over them. Pictures of materialistic things started to go up in my house and fridge again, so I could start seeing the things I wanted daily. I was operating from an abundance mindset again.” 

“It was natural to say yes because I had long been visualizing the goal of becoming a property developer!” 

“Acknowledging that the world can survive without you for several days is the first step in being able to detach and focus inward. That’s how I reload myself with new energy and motivation and I learn to love life itself.” 

“When you are in fight or flight mode, having thinking time and being alone is very challenging. Since I spent many years in this reactionary mode, I became a student of how to avoid this state of being—and relax.” 

“The Relaxation Response is essentially a form of deep relaxation, which affects and activates the parasympathetic nervous system, and you practice it through activities such as visualization, meditation, affirmations, breathing techniques, and yoga.” 

“A large part of that success is building teams that always feel seen, heard, and irreplaceable.” 

“Management only valued the employees who were continually winning. There were no team achievements nor acknowledgment for the employees who supported the top salespeople.” 

“The only thing I learned from that job was that teams matter. People deserve to be recognized.” 

“Take the time to celebrate the small things every day; this goes hand in hand with finding little things to be grateful for.” 

“Workers’ motivation was enhanced when they wrote down their achievements daily in the diary. The practice of recording our progress, Amabile explains, helps us appreciate small wins, which in turn boosts our confidence.” 

“acknowledging accomplishments triggers the reward center of our brains. Our brain releases what I call “happy hormones,” which are essential chemicals that when released give us a feeling of achievement and pride.” 

“If you knew what I know about the power of giving, you would not let a single meal pass without sharing it in some way.” —Siddhartha Gautama 

“Most people know that giving can lead to receiving. Success masters like John Grey, Jack Canfield, and Tony Robbins teach about the Law of Attraction as it pertains to giving: that what you give you will get back tenfold in return. While I am a big believer in the principle that the universe returns to you tenfold what you send out into it, in my opinion, most people are going about giving in the wrong way. The act of giving is as simple as giving away money to someone who needs it with a sense of spiritual duty or responsibility.” 

“Vibrational giving: I discovered a specific way of giving that resulted in me becoming a billionaire before the age of thirty-five. I focus on the emotion that I feel while I am doing the giving. The feeling attached to the giving is far more critical than most people may realize. If you feel hate as you do anything, you are setting up an “attractor field” to experience hate later. If you feel love as you do something, you are also engaging in a principle to attract love back to you later. The trouble is, most people give only money and expect only money in return. While that works, it’s limited. The universe may have something better for you than money. I’ve learned that this “vibrational giving” is the real secret to giving. Give, and the universe will give back to you tenfold.” 

“Every time after getting help, we reached for our wallets to give them a tip for their much-appreciated work, and each time they declined. They did it out of pure human heart and kindness. Indians, as well, are one of the most friendly and helpful people I have ever met. They reinforced the law of vibrational giving.” 

“The feeling I had when I invested in helping the orphanage (feeling great) came back to me multiplied (feeling fantastic). I copied that check, framed it, and still look at it every day. Is this a coincidence? If it had only happened to me once, then I would think that. I have seen many great things come into my life as a result of 

“Practicing vibrational giving works for me and will work for you, too. Mother Teresa had it right when she said, “It is not how much we do, but how much love we put in the doing. It is not how much we give, but how much love we put in the giving.” 

“GIVING STARTS WITH YOURSELF Love yourself first so you can give love to others. Alternatively, if it’s money you want, help other people make money, and that’s what will start to come back to you. The more you do it, the more you’ll receive.” 

“The research found companies that give back to the community have higher employee retention, brand ambassadorship, and employee enthusiasm.12 Moreover, employees at organizations that give back are thirteen times more likely to look forward to coming to work.” 

“Shifting my focus to what I had instead of what I didn’t have was as simple as flipping on a light switch in my head. I could see how focusing on what I lacked caused me to miss out on the value of what I did have in life.” 

“without any guarantee that I could ever pay her back. What I realized quickly was that she just enjoyed giving to others without asking for anything back. I used to see her smile, which always came with the soup, as a smile of pity. When I focused on the fact that she was giving me a bowl of noodle soup with a smile, rather than on the fact that I couldn’t pay her for it, her smile made me feel loved, not pitied.” 

“make this mental switch. Another person I am eternally grateful for is my Swedish friend who first sent me The Secret. Rather than focusing on the fact that he would not give me the money I needed, I focused on all the blessings his single act brought me.” 

“grateful people can appreciate others’ accomplishments.”

“The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven.” —John Milton 

“Make it so grand that, when you describe it, people get uncomfortable.” 

“His big idea continues to get bigger. When TOMS sells a pair of shoes, a new pair of shoes goes to an impoverished child. When TOMS sells eyewear, part of the profit is used to save or restore eyesight for people in developing countries. The company launched TOMS Roasting Co. in 2014, and with each purchase of TOMS Roasting Co. coffee, the company works with other organizations called “giving partners” to provide 140 liters of clean water, equal to a one-week supply, to a person in need. In 2015, TOMS Bag Collection was launched to fund advancements in maternal health. Purchases of TOMS Bags help provide training for skilled birth attendants and distribution of birth kits containing items that help women practice safe childbirth.” 

“I have big ideas all the time. I take action and assume the risk. So far, I’ve had thirteen investments of time and money that failed and nineteen businesses that succeeded.” 

“but I do have a burning passion for creating companies and turning ideas into successful operations. I have a great love for making them profitable and successful.”

“Everything starts with imagination. All of this creation begins with an image in your head.” 

“What subject could you read five hundred books on without getting bored? What could you do for five years straight without getting paid? What would you spend your time doing if you had the financial freedom to do anything?” 

“The sky was inspirational, reminding me that we live for moments that take our breath away. The group members loved each other, so our motivations were the same. As I became mindful of my surroundings, I felt my muscles relax. My breathing regulated because I was surrounded by so much beauty and love. I felt genuine happiness.” 

“You get to feel the quiet, the forever stillness when the first rays of sunlight start shining over the horizon; that moment of bliss when you and nature are one, feeling that deeper connection and having a 360-degree view as far as your eyes can see. Those moments of stillness and awareness allow you to appreciate what it’s like to be alive and understand what magical gifts life is offering you.” 

“DEFINITELY JUMP OUT OF A PLANE I have taken my employees to ski in Japan, climb an active volcano in Indonesia, explore underground caves in Vietnam, jump out of airplanes at four thousand meters with parachutes in Dubai, and climb the highest free-standing mountain in the world.” 

“I can honestly report that, of all my companies, the most successful ones are those with the most employees who have jumped out of a plane. There is a direct correlation.”

“Being a positive person is not a genetic gift; it is a muscle in your mind that you exercise daily. Its strength depends on your conviction to counter negativity with positivity.” 

“My rule of thumb when it comes to my personal goals is that I only share them with people who can help me achieve them.” 

“Imagination is envisioning things that don’t exist,” she says. “Creativity is applying imagination to address a challenge. Innovation is using creativity to generate unique solutions.” 

“innovations and scaling the ideas by inspiring others.” Reframing a problem helps you see it as an opportunity if your mindset is positive when a problem arises. The key is to remain confident that you will be able to creatively innovate a solution to any problem so that solving problems becomes satisfying to you rather than terrifying. The other key is to systematize how you reframe problems into positive solutions. I respect Seelig’s three techniques for doing this: rethink the question, brainstorm bad ideas, and challenge rules. Fear comes from being unprepared.” 

“When great opportunities arise, you better grab them quickly or someone else will do it instead. 

“Even after doing several high-altitude hikes previously, that one hike to Machu Picchu taught me that no matter how prepared I might think I am, unexpected problems will arise. I am always grateful for the problems and challenges that arise in my life, because I know it’s merely the universe giving me an opportunity to learn something of great value. Every problem contains a wealth of knowledge. Don’t stress about issues, because we all know that they will happen. So, instead of fearing challenges, accept that they are a part of life and begin to expect them. That way when they do occur, you’ll be prepared to find a creative solution that will result in your success and increased wealth.” 

“Respect the old when you are young, help the weak when you are strong, confess when you are wrong, because one day you will be old, weak, and wrong.” —Ang Losang 

“great people are not afraid to admit they are wrong, and they make sure not to repeat the same mistakes twice.” 

“Taking responsibility for our actions boosts our self-esteem and reduces guilt. An apology has the power to humble even the most arrogant people.” 

“Many people have issues around apologies, and not all of our thoughts and feelings about apologies line up. Maybe we were forced to apologize as children. Maybe growing up we were made to feel ashamed when we offered an apology. For some people, apologizing feels like admitting we are inadequate—that, rather than having made a mistake, there is something inherently wrong with us. Perhaps you believe that the first apology after an argument is an admission of guilt and responsibility for the entirety of a conflict.” 

“Whenever there has been a misunderstanding between my employees and I, I’m always the first to apologize and say I’m sorry, it’s my fault, that I’ve not been clear enough regarding this situation, event, or rule.” 

“Apologizing does not always mean you are wrong and someone else is right. It just means you value your relationship more than your ego.” —Mark Mathers 

“The ninth step is about making amends. People in AA have repeatedly said that fearless, honest self-examination of past mistakes has been essential in their recovery.” 

“Witherspoon’s apology follows three simple steps: First, be honest about the mistake. Take full responsibility and don’t try to justify it or explain it away. Second, drop any pretense that the other person did anything wrong; don’t blame others for what happened. Third, don’t let the situation linger. Ask for forgiveness quickly, without worrying too much about how embarrassing it might be.” 

“Staying fit is a practice of self-love that ensures you are being taken care of, both physically and mentally.” 

“Focusing on the improvement of your physical body forces you to focus on your mind and spirit.” 

“You can implement one, two, or more nonmonetary benefits to an employee’s package that add tremendous value. Things like: flexible schedules, paid time off for personal development or family, cross training, online class tuition, workplace wellness programs, motivational seminars, structured bonus programs, and/or shares in the company.” 

“GIVE MORE FAITH, TRUST, AND RUNWAY Employees want to feel empowered; your faith in their decision-making ability can be more valuable than money in many respects. One of the ways to build that faith is to allow them to work in jobs they were not originally hired for; it shows you have faith that they can succeed with new things. By giving employees more responsibility to make decisions without fear of making a mistake, you build trust.” 

“My staff includes many millennials, who generationally have a heightened desire to connect to a bigger-than- profit purpose behind their work. They naturally crave the opportunity to contribute to their potential and prefer performance rewards that tap their true motivations. Purpose has become the most critical market differentiator of our time—but it’s also your most valuable talent recruitment and retention tool.” 

“One of the greatest values of mentors is the ability to see ahead what others cannot see and to help them navigate a course to their destination.” —John C. Maxwell 

“So, I studied the most admired developers in Thailand. I researched all the big players, and I slowly found out what builders, architects, and interior designers they preferred. I started to imitate them and contacted all the same builders, architects, interior designers, and graphic designers. To be the best you have to work with the best!” 

“Concerning mindset and helping me become a Law of Attraction master, authors like William Walker Atkinson, Charles Haanel, Dr. Joe Vitale, and Napoleon Hill have all been personal mentors. A mentor can be a successful coach you admire, a leader in your industry that you emulate, or a family member who always supports and motivates you no matter what.” 

“A mentor has also “been there, done that, and survived it!” The point of having a mentor is so that you can learn from their mistakes and their innovations.” 

“Find Out What Is Important My chief assistant, Nenny, has been with my organization from the very beginning. Instinctually, I knew the first time I met Nenny that she was a game-changing employee. The only problem was that she already had a job and had no interest in leaving it. For a while, I tried to get Nenny to quit her job and come work for me by offering her higher wages and extra vacation days. She always turned me down politely. I was perplexed. Why would she not accept the position after I offered her a pay increase? Finally, I took her to dinner and spent the evening getting to know her, the things that were important to her in life, and what her fears were.” 

“This new-found knowledge allowed me to offer Nenny a long-term agreement. I agreed that if she came to work for me and continued to be dedicated and trustworthy, I would not only fly her daughter to Thailand but I would pay for her daughter to go to an international school until she turned eighteen.” 

“Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.” —Eleanor Roosevelt 

“It did not take long to see how Rob’s cancerous influence was spreading inside my company. Within a few weeks, half of the entire sales force and half of the marketing force started to say and believe the same things. I would hear things around the office like: “Do you think Rob is going to go work for the competition?” 

“I was putting more value on results than I was on building a positive sales organization. Valuing outcomes also puts you in the position to worry, be anxious, and make rash decisions.” 

“His answer was simple: “If you know that you’ve already done your best to coach them, inspire them, and lead them, and they still do not improve, then don’t hesitate, don’t wait, let them go as quickly as possible.” This method of ridding an excellent team of negative people was one of the very best pieces of advice I have ever received.” 

“Always value positivity over results. You can still get better results, but you can’t always fix the results a non- team player or negative person has on your organization.” 

“DO NOT TOLERATE GOSSIP It is now scientifically proven that emotions are contagious, and they spread from human to human when they are close enough to each other, like the common cold.32 That is why I have made one of my golden rules in all my companies, organizations, and teams, even in my own family: never, ever spread gossip. Gossip fuels negativity.” 

“I refuse to get dragged down by negative energy—that leads to more problems in life and business. The same thing is true in business.” 

“I am also removing worry from the employee by giving a recommendation and confirming I will only provide a positive reference, which allays some of the concern about having to find another job. Therefore, even if an employee is not happy about being released, I am not seen as the enemy. It is a gift, and I offer it with gratitude.” 

“Do the actions necessary to attract wealth and unlimited opportunity into your life. Be focused on bringing your future into reality. Go think, risk, and believe more than you feel comfortable in achieving. Have the confidence and faith that you can do it.” 

“I spend the majority of my discretionary income on shared experiences.” 

“Others have called us crazy when our team embarks on another adventure.” 

“We are called innovators because we have become the most productive, confident, and successful companies in Thailand. We have won numerous regional and international awards across the entire organization and continue to win them.” 

“When I give talks on business success, inevitably I hear the criticism, “Your company is big and has a lot of money. Of course you can make your employees jump out of planes. That is not practical for a new business owner, or a smaller business.” I love this criticism because it allows me to demonstrate how thinking big and engaging your team has little to do with your bank account and more to do with your ability to think bigger with what you have access to. Building a once-in-a-lifetime culture is not about how much money you have as a company, but rather the feeling you give to the company culture. Much like my feelings on vibrational giving, creating a company culture starts with the emotion you, as the business owner, attach to the elements that make up that culture.” 

“They perform better because they are recognized for their contributions as well as their group efforts. At Disney, recognition is not a small event!” 

“all with an incredibly high laughter quotient. With unlimited paid time off and a six-week sabbatical program, plus in-office meditation classes and on-site courses, the benefits of working at Kabbage are numerous.” 

“Dedicate a set portion of the team budget to education. Whether this is conferences or online training courses, the important thing is to invest in your team’s education. The opportunities also build your network and establish relationships that will help employees personally, along with the business.” 

“Phuket Has Been Good to Us, established after the 2004 tsunami to improve the economic and life chances of young people. Pira’s philosophy is, “A man’s true wealth is the good he does in this world.” 

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