Gratitude, Luck, and Mindfulness

I woke up super early this morning. Sometimes I get excited before a big trip in this case we are traveling to Vegas tomorrow, and I will be with coworkers again. Living in the pandemic I’ve had the least social interactions ever in terms of face-to-face in real life. I’m going to blog about gratitude, luck, and mindfulness.

Gratitude- I have never felt more gratitude in my life. I am very involved with Landmark again, giving me the growth and self-development resources and community I need to make a difference in other people’s lives. Landmark Worldwide is a self-development people designed to help people complete the past to create their lives powerfully. That has undoubtedly been one of the highlights of the year so far. Yesterday, I went back to Rutgers, and I had lunch with my cousin. It’s crazy to think that it’s been 15 years since I’ve started college. That’s almost half of my life. So much has happened since then, yet I feel like a college student at heart, sometimes being social and missing the community aspect of college and surrounded by thousands of students. Life was much simpler back then, and I certainly enjoy the life I have now. I get to travel and explore fantastic places. I remember being broke and spending money on vacations, and that had me get a lot of credit card debt. The funny thing is how we do the same thing by buying cars, houses, and material things, so you still owe money at least there is equity now. 

Ten things I”m grateful for this beautiful morning

  1. My loving wife and how much she cares about us and our relationship. It’s a beautiful partnership that’s growing. I also notice that I can be nicer to myself, beating myself up sometimes whenever I make a mistake in our relationship. Of course, we are often our worst critics, but I see myself shifting to be kinder and more compassionate in our loving relationship.
  2. Rutgers University, like people, college campuses can transform, and wow, so much had happened and changed since when we went to school. There are so many new buildings, and there is a lot more to do. That’s life, right? Nothing is ever constant, and change is what keeps people going and wanting to live another day fulfilled. 
  3. Journaling and blogging– writing publicly are freeing too. Not because others will read it necessary, but it’s a way to get things out of mind and into reality. The act of sharing is caring because you never know how you will influence, and it’s just an excellent way to go to sleep at night. 
  4. Reading books– I have been reading many mindfulness books lately, which helps me appreciate the present moment. The last 5 books I’ve read is this.  Thich Nhat Hanh- How to Live Series.
  5. My YouTube Channel has grown steadily, and I get to grow and prosper. I get to learn to be uncomfortable. Anytime we have an audience, there is a certain level of vulnerability that happens. 
  6. Currently drinking a Harmless Harvest Coconut Water– I love the color. It’s pink. It’s hydrating. I appreciate Costco and all of the people that made this happen. 
  7. I’m grateful for my Crosstrek 2021 Limited. I enjoy the midnight Blue and helps me explore and travel to new and exciting places. 
  8. I’m grateful for my Macbook Pro. It’s sleek, effective, efficient, really fast, and helps me get so many things done. 
  9. I’m grateful for my iPhone– I was always rebelling and did not want to commit to Apple. Now I see how being a rebel was hurting me from experiencing some pretty cool products. 
  10. I’m grateful for this One Line Day- a five Year memory book. It will be cool to look back at it to see what I was up to 5 years ago. 

Ten reasons wow I feel lucky

Luck is an interesting concept, I truly believe that you get to create 80% of your luck. The harder you work, the more action you are willing to take and of course, who you are being about everything. A good example is this fable where a man talks about a horse- the short version of it is many of his neighbors would say oh man, that’s unlucky and he would respond saying who knows if it is, and then it ends up being lucky that he got hurt on the house, so he didn’t have to go to war to die. Even going to war and saying some pretty crazy stuff can be lucky in the sense that you get truly appreciate life more and do not take it for granted. 

  1. I’m lucky that my dad was not around because it helped me develop a work ethic that is beyond what I see to my average.
  2. I’m lucky that I have this beautiful home that is a new construction, so I don’t have to worry about fixing too many times in the near future and that I have the privilege of being the first tenant in this amazing space.
  3. I’m lucky that I’m privileged enough to get a vaccine pretty early on so that I was able to travel to Berlin, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and do all of these cool things recently. 
  4. I’m lucky that my company is sending us to Vegas for a conference. These things fill my cup up. 
  5. I’m lucky that I have a loving uncle who wants to hang out and always take care of us when we come to visit Vegas.
  6. I’m lucky that I have this Moleskine Journal- It’s designed so perfectly. The pages are smooth, and they feel luxurious. 
  7. I’m lucky that I was born in America where we still have many more freedoms than most countries and the best of us economic opportunities. I’m proud to be American, and I’m glad there are so many diverse groups of people who come here from all over the world in hopes of building a better life.
  8. I’m lucky that I have a platform where I can share and write. Not everyone has a voice
  9. I’m lucky that you have read this far. My community, my people, my groups of friends. I love you all. 
  10. I’m lucky that Sammy wants to be in the same building as me all of the time. I love her love, and that’s a beautiful thing. 


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