Gratitude- 100 things to be grateful for

I wanted to share with you a chapter of my book that I wrote today. It’s called 100 things to be grateful for.

  1. The beautiful vibrant colors of flowers 
  2. A puppy’s soft fur touch 
  3. Kitten’s Pouncing
  4. Bunny Rabbit’s hop
  5. The Alluring mysteries of exploration and conquering a mountain peak- Mt. Marcy in the ADK was one of the hardest challenges that we’ve conquered. Shout out to Lauren and James G. for being troopers and coming with me to the top windy Mountain of Splitting clouds. 
  6. Baby’s innocent and helplessness- they are so precious so fragile granting parent’s purpose and fulfillment
  7. A parent’s love for their children- sometimes I cry when I see how much parents love their children
  8. Crying so tender and beautiful 
  9. Tears of relief or happiness and joy
  10. Peace from meditation
  11. Out of body experiences from being in touch spiritually from a higher power.
  12. When your partner makes you laugh out of control from the imitations of your friends and family. 
  13. Dancing wildly with little care about how you look 
  14. Blood donations
  15. Colorful palettes of nature during the fall and the spring
  16. Driving in the Northeast up the mountains immersing yourself into the beautiful yellow, orange, and green.
  17. Breakneck Ridge being accessible via public transit. 
  18. Craft beers
  19. Creativity and def jam poetry
  20. Podcasts and people’s inner darkest secrets and how human it really all is
  21. Kindle- the power of storying 300+ books into one device
  22. Biographies and people wanting to leave a legacy
  23. Eulogies have you ever heard a bad eulogy?
  24. Acknowledgements and seeing people for who they are being. 
  25. Strolls around the neighborhood but seeing the true color of the trees and blossoms. 
  26. Stillness 
  27. A nice breeze during a hot summer month
  28. On a boat blissfully not thinking about anything
  29. That moment during an EDM concert when the beat is about to drop and the sunset is perfectly purple, yellowish blue and everything is still. 
  30. DJ’s creativity and the ability to read the room and adjust.
  31. Public speaking and what that makes available to others through creation and vulnerability.
  32. Landmark and the millions of lives it’s transformed through practicing forgiveness.
  33. Accomplishment Coaching helping the exploration of thousands of people’s essence through wonder and curiousity. 
  34. Service workers that are delivering our Amazon packages. 
  35. Postal Workers and the abundance of cool, different stamps there are. 
  36. My mindfulness journal about daily practices, writing prompts, and reflections for living in the present moment. (S.J. Scott and Barrie Davenport.)
  37. Words of Affirmations
  38. Physical touch
  39. Acts of Service
  40. Quality Time
  41. Gifts 
  42. Moleskin Journals- a nice travel companion 
  43. A warm snuggle
  44. A kiss on the forehead
  45. Holding hands strolling the park
  46. Central Park’s contrast of a building’s reflection in the pond
  47. Castle’s and the magnificent feeling you get in them
  48. The Dalai Lama’s humor
  49. A mother’s home-cooked pho trumps any restaurant any day
  50. Doctors risking their lives in order to save many, more lives. 
  51. My MacBook Pro that I fell in love with after being a contrarian my whole life and not wanting to follow the “herd” mentality. Funny breakthrough that’s all. 
  52. Lewis Howe’s Mask of Masculinity(book) – and that makes available to men being able to connect with other men. 
  53. Men’s Group and having an outlet to share their feelings in a society that is afraid of vulnerability. 
  54. How perfectionism gets you this far but acceptance and peace grants you true happiness. 
  55. Having a car and strolling around town. I can’t imagine what it’s like to not be able to travel to so many different states/countries/cities. Thank god for technology. 
  56. NYC’s toughness and grittiness.
  57. How this crisis is making us closer and more compassionate as a species.
  58. Books- the enablement of wisdom. 
  59. Generations of knowledge passed down to us through audio, visual and story-telling.
  60. True deep connection and understanding by peering into another person’s eyes. 
  61. The human connection of pain and failure uniting us. 
  62. Linkedin’s culture and leading by example.
  63. Diversity of opinions and ideas. 
  64. When you reunite with an old friend and pick off where you last left off.
  65. The feeling you get when you are devouring a Philly Cheesesteak. 
  66. Umami from a steak from 212 Steakhouse. 
  67. Hot pot and the abundance of flavors.
  68. A nice smoothie after a hard work out.
  69. The feeling of accomplishment you get after completing a 7-hour race up a mountain during a Spartan Beast in Mt. Killington.
  70. Biking 100+ miles with a Walmart bike but its all good and truly it’s a funny story to tell.
  71. The feeling you get when you receive a handwritten note in the mail unexpectedly. 
  72. People that organize events and their charisma.
  73. People who never talk about themselves and know how you make you feel so special and powerfully from their listening. Shout out to Zack Mulhall. 
  74. When you try a really high-quality headphones listening to your favorite beats and the rest of the world melts away for that time being. 
  75. Story-telling that makes you laugh, cry, giggle, and get the feels all in one chapter.
  76. Poetry that warms the heart. 
  77. A huge gathering where everyone is vibing time stops and this moment feels like you have been through it before. 
  78. The sense of accomplishment after a strong Flywheel or Crossfit effort.
  79. When you get acknowledged during your company’s All Hands. 
  80. Winning employee of the month. 🙂
  81. The tender touch of skin when snuggling up in bed before a nap. 
  82. Daydreaming/ Meditation when you lose sense of time and you teleport into a nice comfortable place that you cannot describe. 
  83. Eating Ramen with pork belly and pork broth with a warm runny egg perfectly in the middle.
  84. Exploring London and gazing at the beautiful Eye being grateful that you are alive today at this time and moment.
  85. Peering over to Manhattan at DUMBO during a perfect sunset.
  86. Trying brick oven pizza over by the bridge with house recipe meatballs when your buddy visits from the UK. 
  87. When your friend from Singapore reaches out to say that he is coming to visit from NYC – relaxing at a Jazz club enjoying the complexity and simplicity of it all.
  88. When you told yourself that you are not a good writer but you find a steady flow, rhythm and prove yourself wrong. 
  89. During a Rutgers football game when the crowd is all standing up anticipating a huge 60-yard catch for a touchdown!
  90. When you storm you the field and you are broadcasted on ESPN beating a top 10 team. 
  91. The whole rec center booming around you beat Villanova and the crowd gets wild.
  92. Seeing your team win the Superbowl when you had a gut feeling that this is your year before the season even started.
  93. The slick feel of a fresh haircut at the back of your head, it’s so nice that everyone else wants to touch it and you let them. 
  94. Crying together- rejoicing and celebrating a year of accomplishments during graduation and ceremonies.
  95. Giving a speech at a wedding and being able to share what they mean to you through a lifetime of friendship. 
  96. Ordering too many drinks at the club celebrating a friend’s birthday but it was worth it for the memories. 
  97. When you were at one point so depressed but now you are writing 100 things you are grateful today. 
  98. When you have the best company, manager, coworkers, and friends in the world and you wouldn’t trade any of the struggles because it’s made you who you are. 
  99. When your heart drops because you have been rehearsing your engagement request to your partner and you forget everything. 
  100. When you know that life is beautiful and we will make it through this all together as one.

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