George Floyd and Reflections on what’s taken place last week

I’m typically a guy who never discuss politics or race publically, but with what’s going on with the systematic racism, I feel a desire to raise awareness around these issues.

I am privileged that I can run around the neighborhood without being shot.

I’m privileged that when I walk around a grocery store, security guards do not profile me and follow me around.

I’m fortunate enough that people do not have to hold on to their purses when I’m near them.

These are all experiences that my friends have shared with me. One of my good friends from Philly feels the tension in the air when he enters a bus, or when he is walking around Philly, he feels like people are afraid of him. He’s the nicest guy in the world too! I love you, Melvin!

I was pretty ignorant of all of these things because I was always too worried about what my fellow Asian brothers and sisters were dealing with ourselves in our own bubble regards to all of the adversity we’ve encountered as a race, especially with the president calling it the Chinese virus.

I am also torn because I’m pretty close with some police officers and I remember living with one and he would always tell me that with cell phones around about many officers hesitate and it drastically affects their decision-making skills when time is on the essence when your life could be taken in a many of seconds when working with criminals in Camden, NJ- one of the most dangerous cities in the US.

I’m extremely sad that there is violence in the world and that it has resulted in this much chaos.

I get that we’ve reached a breaking point because of all of the systematic racism going on in the world. I remember feeling so helpless when I heard about the death of Vincent Chin, and when I read up about our history in America. We’ve come a long way, and I respect that. In many ways, we’ve gone backwards as well as a society. With every tragedy, there lies an opportunity. It makes me happy that people acknowledging that white privilege is a thing. I think with any change, the first step is acceptance.

Having a victim mentality most of my life, I made middle-aged white males as the enemy in the world. Having many more experiences and being able to change my perspective, I realize that I cannot generalize with anything.

Working at LinkedIn, we get exposure to these types of conversations more often. Through many self-development programs such as Landmark and Accomplishment coaching, I had the privilege of hearing many saddening stories about the justice system in America and how some of my African American colleagues feel about when people are afraid of their sheer presence. I am so fortunate in so many ways, and I am generally sad it takes protesting for policymakers to begin the conversation of change finally.

Being involved with LinkedIn’s Asian Alliance and having attended many Hispanics of LinkedIn and the Black Inclusion Group events has opened up my eyes to being able to have these conversations finally. I was always afraid and quite frankly triggered when others had these conversations. I would say to myself ugh… Social media can be such a paralyzing place. I am finally starting to realize that everything starts with a conversation. From my men’s group yesterday, I realize that it begins with each individual, and by saying nothing, you are saying something. I would never let my friends get bullied in front of me, so why would I be silent with millions of people who are systematically at a disadvantage from birth? We have a long way to go, and now is the time we come together as one and start to realize that we are all the same. The more I dive into self-development, the more I realize that we all have the same emotions and feelings even though some of us are at a disadvantage from birth.

Acknowledging our feelings is the beginning, and although these conversations are never easy. It needs to start somewhere.


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