Episode 98: The Davidson Hang Podcast w/Nick Tan(Agency Profits and Digital Contractor)

Interested in being a millionaire?

NicK Tan shares with us his tips for success and how he was able to spend his ad agency.

Nick is the Founder of Digital Contractor and founded the Agency Profits company. Check out his Facebook group and you can join his community there. https://www.facebook.com/groups/13969… Nick Tan has 💸 spent millions in advertising,💥 Launched over 170 start-ups ❗️ Successfully helped his clients hit 5 & 6 figures Here is a bit more about Nick Tan. I grew up in Malaysia for the first few years of my life and then moved to Canada. So my family basically gave up everything in order to give me a better life. Never had much growing up, so my whole life was aimed at having a high-paying job to secure my future. For a long time, I really believed that this was my only path. I realized I never wanted to be a lawyer. So, I quit my 9-5 at a tech company and ditched law school. I started my own digital advertising agency and have grown it to a point where I was able to travel to 15+ countries in the last 3 years while earning multiple 6 figures. In those 4 years, I had a lot of downs….but a lot of ups as well. I didn’t have clients for months. On certain days I really questioned my decision. I had no choice but to make my business work. It was either I prove everyone wrong and become successful….or prove everyone right and go back to a 9-5. With my back against the wall, I was lucky and blessed to be able to prove everyone wrong. Throughout the last couple years while I was living in Asia (couldn’t stay due to rona…) I met a lot of people who wanted to replicate what I was doing. So I started working with people to launch their own agencies. After working with over 150 people over the last 2 years to launch their agencies, I’ve boiled it down to a simple system I call the “New Age Agency”. Taken from his website: So, what’s my secret? I call it the New Age Agency Method™ I’ve never understood starting an agency the traditional way, hiring a bunch of employees, work with every type of business & have an expensive office. Worst of all, only yielding 5-10% profit, with thousands spent in start-up costs. My method focuses on ONE service, ONE niche & ONE solution. The result? Almost 100% margins, no employees & totally scalable! Want to know the best part? Completely location independent, I’ve been able to live all over the world while running my agency. I have specifically designed this to help you start your own online business from scratch with ZERO business or technical experience. What we do and teach, WORKS. It’s that simple.

His Website

I learned a lot from him about advertising being an entrepreneur and being open to rejection and failure. Looking forward to hear your takeaways- reach out if you have any comments or feel free to share with your networks if you found this conversation to be valuable.

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