Episode 85: The Davidson Hang Podcast w/Ivana Pham (Asana, LinkedIn, and Facebook)

Check out Episode 85 of The Davidson Podcast where we interview some of the most successful people I know.
One of the best things about working for LinkedIn is meeting one of my favorite people in the world- Ivana Pham.
We discussed a bit about imposter syndrome, being our best selves, and having a growth mindset.
It’s funny how we both shared that some of our weaknesses became our biggest strengths. I’m so happy that you found a company that appreciates you so much.
I’m super excited about your journey.
Some of Ivana’s extraordinary accomplishments are listed below. • Sourced $438K in revenue for Q4 of FY20, and tied in first place in terms of attainment (123% of quota)
• Sourced $110K in revenue for Q3 of FY20 and hit 130% of quota
• Successfully attained 100% of quota each quarter at the Santa Clara
She was an SMB Account Manager Intern at Facebook
President of Changing Communities, VP of Speech and Chair for Thematic Interpretation for Speech and Debate.
She is such a pleasure to be around and excludes positive energy in all of her commitments and projects.
Check out this episode of two friends having a good time and distilling the essence of a growth mindset.
I’m so grateful for our friendship and you mean the world to me 😊

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