Episode 55: Davidson Hang Reflections: Networking 101 and Building Relationships

Check out episode 55 of the Davidson Hang Reflections on a Life Worth Living Podcast where you can find tips and lessons learned from someone who is addicted to personal development.

My good friend Gina asked me to share tips on networking and how to approach building relationships. I want to share the following tips that have served me well in cultivating new relationships and making it a priority to stay in touch with friends and family.

1. Figure out who you want to surround yourself with. Who lights you up, and who makes you happy? Double down on those relationships. Ryan Johnson, Emily Linder, Zack Mulhall, Edwin Aristor, and Ivana Pham are some of the people who come to mind whenever I catch up with them, I immediately feel lifted. We all have people who come to mind that automatically brighten the room when they enter it.

2. Intentionally block off time on your calendar to dedicate to coffee chats.

3. Don’t be afraid to proactively put time on their calendar. Obviously, ask for permission first but take the initiative and be the one to look through their calendar to eliminate any friction.

4. Not every conversation has to be productive. Some of my most connected 1on1 coffee chats were trying to get to know each other better. Not everyone would agree with me here, but until they understand you, they won’t be able to help you.

5. Write handwritten cards- getting birthday cards in the mail and even a thoughtful voicemail or voice msg saying Happy Birthday can make someone’s day and is not too time-consuming.

6. Manage your energy- if you are burnt out and are too tired or if you label yourself an introvert. Make small little habit changes. You don’t have to jump off the deep end tomorrow. Just add one more coffee per week if that’s your cup of tea.

7. Update your mentors and let them know what’s going on. People love it that you are implementing the feedback that you are getting from other managers and leaders. That’s the whole reason why people get into executive positions so that they can ultimately mentor, coach, and help ICs get promoted and progress in their careers.

8. Have fun- networking is fun. If you relate to networking has something you hate of course, you are going not to like it. Meeting new people is fun. You get to learn something new, and you get to hear another person’s perspective. Everyone has value to give- even if you don’t necessarily agree, those are often the conversations I’ve personally learned the most. For instance, when I meet someone who is process driven and is very systematic in their thinking, I can save time as someone who would instead go with the flow and be in the moment.

9. Have relationship goals- think of ways to brighten someone’s day, even if it sends them a quick gratitude video or something different. The more impact you have in the world, the more purpose and driven you become.

10. Make it a game- sometimes at networking events or anything involving meeting new people- I’ll have a goal to build three stronger relationships throughout the hour event. Do something that pushes you outside your comfort zone, and you will grow tremendously because of it.

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