Episode 146 w/Ian Koniak (Formally #1 Salesforce Enterprise AE) on Addiction, Love, and Work Life Integration

Wow-what an amazing Episode!

Check out episode 146 of The Davidson Hang Podcast!

Ian Koniak is the #1 LinkedIn Sales by Sales Success Media and was the former #1 Enterprise Account Executive at Salesforce. He is the founder of Ian Koniak Sales Coaching.

Ian and I met at the Sales Success Summit in Austin, TX last year.

Shout out to @Scott Ingram for connecting us together! What I appreciate about Ian is his vulnerability and how all of us can see ourselves in his sharing.

These are some of his impressive accomplishments.

These were my top ten takeaways from Ian Koniak

1. Schedule into your calendar -Self Care

2. The 3 biggest drivers of Happiness are Connection, having a close network of friends and family, being a contribution to the world, and growth.

3. Being in alignment with your values and beliefs and what actions you are taking to reach those goals

4. Working on closing the Integrity Gap

5. How to get into Flow state consistently everyday

6. Caring about your client by conducting solid discovery and making it about them not you

7. Work life Integration not balance

8. Bringing your full self to work being the same person on the weekdays as the weekdays

9. Being Relatedable

10. Overcoming addiction

These are some of his incredible Accomplishments

As a Strategic Account Director

○ 2021 – I managed several of Salesforce’s largest Enterprise accounts, setting strategy and quarterbacking sales efforts for a 20M ARR territory across our entire portfolio. Retired from tech sales in September 2021 to run my coaching business full time. 2020 – 110% of ACV Quota, 2.1M ACV. I was the only AE selected to lead training for Salesforce National Enterprise Kickoff (“Starting the Year Strong”), Salesforce West Enterprise Kickoff (“Stories that Sell”), and National Webinar (“Impactful Executive Conversations”). Keynote speaker at D2D Con and Abundant Sales Conferences. Appeared on 12 leading Sales & Business podcasts in 2020. Achievers Club Winner.

2019 – 181% of multi-year quota, 102% of ACV quota, 1.9M ACV. Guest speaker at Salesforce Enterprise Kickoff, Salesforce West Kickoff, and ran training for 2 Salesforce national webinars. Appeared on 6 leading sales and business podcasts. Achievers Club winner

2018 – 410% of multi-year quota, 231% of ACV quota, 4.2M ACV. Top 5 national performer for Enterprise-Select division, Peak Performers Club winner

2017 – 479% of multi-year quota, 367% of ACV quota, 5.7M in total ACV. Chairman’s Club winner and “AE of the Year” for Enterprise Select. Finished #1 globally for Enterprise-Select division.

2016 – 108% of multi-year quota, 166% of Marketing Cloud quota, 95% of ACV quota, 1.3M ACV

2014 – 106% of multi-year quota while growing “new logo” territory AOV by 300%, 1.3M ACV

2013 – 249% of multi-year quota, 107% of ACV quota including 1.1 million in new logos.

Rookie of the Year.

Subscribe to his YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/c/IanKoniak

If you would like to connect with him on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/iankoniak/


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