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The incredible Ray Dalio

“Think for yourself while being radically open-minded.” is his claim to fame. I just finished his book Principles and it really makes you want to write down your principles to abide by so that life is much easier when you have to make important decisions whether its family or business you have to choose between…

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Emotional Intelligence

What a buzz word. Anyone who is on Linkedin more than 5 minutes sees the word being thrown around everywhere. What does it mean to me? I think that emotional intelligence personally means you are able to relate to anyone and be able to get along with and connect with anyone. I would say most…

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The power of vulnerability.

Being inspired after listening to Lewis Howe’s latest episode with Brene Brown. Check out her ted talk below. I will put myself out there even more so and be more vulnerable. I do believe that leaders are able to speak about their vulnerability to random people and people they have never met before. What does…

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