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For my men’s group I paired up with Aditya Gunthey and he challenged me to be more open about the things I am passionate about to raise awareness around some controversial topics.

There was a period in my life a while back where I used to dabble in so many different types of drugs. I will share with you all the pros and cons of each of the following. Acid, Shrooms, Molly, and Ecstasy.

Acid I have only tried once and it was such an unusual experience. I remember being able to see colors when my friend was DJing. It was one of the coolest experiences I’ve ever had in my life. Different notes had different colors. I visually saw the colors come out of the speakers and that was honestly one of the most memorable and surreal moments of my life. It’s quite an intense experience so I highly recommend for you to be a good state of mind. With any psychedelics, I wouldn’t recommend it if you have anxiety, depression, or if you have gone through a recent breakup. Any trauma actually will magnify the experience. I know some people say its one way to process it by just be careful perhaps do half of a dosage if it’s your first time.

Pros: There is no other experience like it. You feel like you’re way more open, affectionate, and emotional. It helps you process and also go through many of the traumas in your life. This can be good and bad if you don’t want to ever go through those crazy moments then I wouldn’t recommend it but if you want to have more awareness around the things that trigger you this is one way to deal with it. Sounds, music, sights, art is beautiful. It’s like going through hundreds of hours of art history for someone who typically sees art and its fascinated by it but really does not know anything about art. Art all of sudden takes on a new dimension where you can really enjoy every brushstroke and the details of the masterpiece in front of you. Honestly, just from one experience, I think I really became a much more spiritual person. Sometimes you ponder and think about god, there is a pivotal moment where I felt that much more connected to god and everyone and everything around me. It’s hard to describe but its a really cool feeling and I think sometimes people chase that but its impossible to chase because every time is different. 

Cons: It’s a very powerful experience and if you are not with the right people you can trust. You will go through some dark times. Ask anyone about a dark trip and they will be able to tell you that they would not wish this upon their worst enemies. It’s like in Harry Potter when the dementors suck the soul out of you. There’s why I highly recommend for people to have gone through therapy first or else I explain it like going to therapy for a thousand hours over the course of one day.

Shrooms: I’ve tried a handful of times. It’s pretty intense but definitely not as crazy as acid in my opinion. I would like to think of it as similar to X but way more intense. Being in nature in a really cool experience. I remember being in the bamboo forest and being able to watch the spider spin a really intricate spider web and the details of the design blew my mind.

When you are on it the details look much more defined think of it as watching the most expensive Television you can think of vs an old school tv when color first came out. There is a big difference in the definition. I feel like the visuals and sounds are much more amplified. You do have a weird tingly body sensation and touch does become more intense. For instance, it’s like having a massage therapist who can be much stronger than if you were to do a Swedish massage vs a full body Thai massage where they are really going into the kinks.

Pros: I’ve relived some of the coolest memories. I remember being teleported to when I was vacationing in Mexico and went on mopeds with my friends. I was crying from tears of happiness and joy. I went through and relived some of the coolest vacations ever. Sound and music sound absolutely touching and beautiful. It’s hard to even describe what it’s like but I would like to share by thinking about buying the headphones that DJs have that cost so much money and then think of crappy headphones you buy from the dollar store. It’s like so different where you can hear the nuisances that the DJ is putting into it. The sense of touch is amplified. One of the coolest experiences if when you go to the shower and you can feel every single drop touch your skin. The hot and cool can be amplified so be careful because it can be quite intense. 

Cons: Like with anything other psychedelics. If you are depressed and you are hanging out with people you don’t know that that much about. It can be a weird experience because this is when you are the most vulnerable. So if you are hanging out with a person that can potentially take advantage of you. I would only recommend it being around your significant other so that they can take care of you if you happen to have a bad trip. I’ve read many stories about people who let their spouse know in the other room just in case things go out of hand and go spiral into a dark place. He or she can ground you and put you sort of into reality. I would recommend trying a much smaller dosage to start with anything everyone has different comfort levels. Some people really like adventure and are okay with sky diving. Some people would really start by perhaps doing a roller coaster ride. 

Molly or X: The dangerous part about this is that you do not know who is creating it so there is always a chance that you might get a substance that is mixed with something else. I will share with you my experiences when I used to go to concerts. There is a beautiful moment when you feel so present and so happy. There is a chemical release called Oxytocin which is the same hormone that gets released during hugs or when a mother sees her baby at first glance when he or she is born. 

It definitely makes you touchy-feely and the sense of touch is amplified. That’s why people love shoulder massages. They feel nice normally even more so. It’s like going to a crappy massage therapist that is maybe too intense or rough vs like going to your favorite massage therapist ever. There is a big difference. The light shows are pretty cool. Its like LED lights vs if you were to have normal lamps at home. The emotions can become more intense but typically in a good way. Most of the time, you will be happy and there are moments where you are in your mind. That’s why you never want to take more than you are supposed to because it can make you paranoid when you are in your head too much. 

Pros: It’s not overly intense but just enough where you control yourself and your body/mind. It’s a beautiful experience being able to connect with others on that deeper level. When it’s pure its just a magical experience and you can enjoy the concert much more. 

Cons: The comedown sucks. Some people take 5HTP to restore their neurotransmitter to a normal. Luckily, this hasn’t affected me too much but some people become depressed afterward for a day or two depending on how often you use it. 

Grinding your teeth, I am not sure of the science behind it. but its not good for your teeth. Some people I know that use it regularly have worn out their enamel. 

Let me know if you are interested in hearing more stories about my experiences. I have plenty more to share but wanted to see if this resonated with anyone.



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