Be Seen, Be Heard: Stand with the Asian community

Anti-Asian sentiments have risen significantly and while dialogue around taking action has also risen in our personal lives, it’s not as often spoken about in the workplace. In response to this, Asian ERG leaders from over 45+ companies and organizations have come together to amplify prominent voices and provide the opportunity to connect and engage meaningfully with other community members. 

All of us have a voice – no voice is too small, and collectively we can amplify all of our voices and drive change. We challenge everyone to take action to Stop AAPI Hate by attending our event and helping us reach our donation goal of $15,000, split evenly across these amazing non-profits:

1. Asian Americans Advancing Justice Asian Law Caucus  is the nation’s first legal and civil rights organization serving the low-income Asian Pacific American communities. Advancing Justice – ALC focuses on housing rights, immigration and immigrants’ rights, labor and employment issues, student advocacy (ASPIRE), civil rights and hate violence, national security, and criminal justice reform.
2. Hate Is A Virus  launched the commUNITY Action Fund last month in an effort to raise $1,000,000 for our community. Our funding council will help us determine grants on a monthly basis to disburse to various local and national nonprofits that serve our AAPI community and solidarity-building efforts.
3. Asian Americans Advancing Justice AAJC – Asian Americans have been part of the American story since its earliest days, and are now the U.S.’s fastest-growing racial group with the potential and power to shape our nation and the policies that affect us. The AAJC’s mission is to advance civil and human rights for Asian Americans and to build and promote a fair and equitable society for all.
4. Community Youth Center SF  – CYC has provided the youth of our city a sense of belonging and vital tools and experiences to succeed in life. CYC serves over 8,000 youth each year and is one of only a few agencies in San Francisco addressing the needs of a diverse population of low-income, high-need, and at-risk Asian Pacific American, Latino and African American youth.

We invite you to join members of Asian ERGs for a night of reflection, discussion, and networking on  April 20th 5PM PST to hear from prominent leaders Allen Shim  (CFO, Slack), Eric Toda (Global Head Social Marketing, Facebook), Tammy Cho  (Founder #Hateisavirus), and Dion Lim (ABC News Reporter), on their thoughts about the recent events affecting the APIDA (Asian Pacific Islander Desi American) community, the role that companies play in supporting marginalized communities, and actionable steps that individuals and allies can take for ongoing change. To register, visit https://lu.ma/beseenbeheard







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