Allen Iverson: The Inspiring Story of One of Basketball’s Greatest Shooting Guards

“Regarded as perhaps the greatest player pound for pound, Allen Iverson was barely 6 feet tall but had the heart of a lion. He never cared about his size or who was defending and meeting him at the basket. All he cared about was that he made the baskets that he wanted to score. All he cared about was fighting through the adversity that came with his size and the criticisms that came with his attitude and spunk as an NBA player. ” (p.3)

“He carried himself on the court with a relentless bravado unmatched by anyone. With his flashy sense of style, he inspired a fashion revolution and created a synthesis between basketball and hip-hop which lasted even after his departure from the NBA. Even his sudden collapse when he went from being a legitimate All-Star in 2008 to out of the NBA by 2010 inspired pathos and awe. Until he formally retired in 2013, fans and sportswriters wondered whether he would ever return to the NBA.” (p.5)

“On the way back home, the rest of the team celebrated, but Iverson tossed the second place trophy out of the window. He declared that he was not interested in second place. It was a personality trait that stuck with Iverson his entire life.” (p.9)

“He was that fast. He made transition opportunities look effortless. On the half court set, Allen Iverson has a fantastic set of dribbling maneuvers that he pairs up with his quickness to easily get to the basket. He often utilizes an adept array of dribbles and crossover moves that keep heads spinning and turning. He breaks ankles with ease on his way to the basket. As far as incoming rookies were concerned, Iverson’s ball handles were already at an elite level compared to even all the other NBA veterans. ” (p.19)

“He was mercurial. There were no middle parts for Allen Iverson in his rookie year. He was all extremes. Either he was making all of his shots or was shooting bricks. But the only thing that remained consistent was his sky- high confidence.” (p.26)

“As Iverson would say, one bad game did not make him lose his confidence. He still had all the confidence in the world to force himself into dominating one game after an awful one. But even with his supreme confidence, he knew that he still had a lot left to prove. He would not admit that he was having a good season. In fact, he knew for a fact that he will get better. Allen Iverson was a confident man that remained humble in his game knowing that there were still others better than him. A bad game did not deter him. Good ones only made him more confident.” (p.26)

“That gave Iverson enough room to pull off the legendary jump shot that made him an instant icon. “(p.27)


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