34 things I’m grateful for in 2021 inspired by Nickolas Singh on my birthday

This was the episode that really inspired me to do this practice.

Shout out to Nick Singh. I really appreciate you, my brother. I was laughing, moved, and inspired the whole time. The way you are able to connect the dots, have a good time, and cause us to think outside the box is incredible. It’s truly a gift that you have.

  1. I’m grateful for my beautiful wife and her huge heart! She cries all of the time during sappy movies and tv shows that we watch at night. Every day she cries it melts my heart because I know she is so empathetic and I always feel incredibly lucky that I have a wife who cares so much. She wouldn’t even hurt a fly. Literally, she askes me to do it 😛
  2. I’m grateful about our first family vacation with my mom, wife, sister, and her fiancee, sister altogether. We haven’t taken a family vacation in 20 years together in 20 years. It’s incredible to see the magic and work for healing and what that makes possible.
  3. I’m grateful for all of the people who purchased Redefining Masculinity- its over 300+. I appreciate you all making a difference in helping me provide for 10 Orphans in Vietnam for a year. Here is a link to the book if you haven’t bought one yet I would greatly appreciate your support.
  4. This year I have the opportunity to celebrate my birthday in a big way at TAO Uptown! The last year I did it was so much fun being able to get people together and I get to also acknowledge myself which is a practice that can always be improved on for many people.
  5. The first 4th of July BBQ where we had friends and family over at our new home. Thank you for sharing this and gracing us with your presence. It was a great turn out and I’m incredible happy that you took time out of your busy day to be with us.
  6. Grateful to have landed with a company where I truly 100% believe in the mission of democratizing coaching. When you enjoy what you do every day doesn’t feel like work. I’m blessed to have a job where I enjoy Mondays not everyone gets the same privilege in life.
  7. Living in our new home this year has been a dream come true. I honestly never thought when I was younger that I would own a home this beautiful let alone new construction. I feel extremely blessed that we both have a career that allows us to be able to own multiple homes in different states in the future but in the meantime, I get to have a house where I get to host my beautiful friends and family.
  8. We booked our honeymoon trip to Hawaii! It’s been so much fun planning out what we want to do during our one-year anniversary and our delayed honeymoon because of the pandemic we postponed travel. I feel extremely motivated knowing that I get to work hard to have a life where we get to travel the world. We put into the universe that every year no matter what during our anniversary we will get to travel to somewhere new.
  9. I’m grateful for the Redefining Masculinity book and the impact it had on everyone who read it so far. It means me happy whenever I get a comment about how they really enjoyed the diversity of the book.
  10. I’m grateful for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and social media apps to help me stay in communication with people. We can empower social media or we can think of it as an enemy. My personal relationship with these communication apps is that I get to reach out to people even in different countries and I’m grateful that in this virtual world we live in now I can collaborate with people in Arizona, California, DC, etc. It’s a wonderful time to be alive.
  11. Thankful that my sisters have such huge hearts. Thank you mother for sharing that gift of unconditional love with your kids. We all learn that from you where the sacrifice we make for others are one of the greatest gifts that we can offer into the universe.
  12. I’m grateful for my Kindle to be able to learn and read and be immersed into so many different stories. That’s incredibly awesome of Amazon and how I am able to read any book I want and get it in a couple of days. We live in a world where we can find and look up any information. These is an abundance of resources out there in the universe where you prefer books or audiobooks.
  13. Thank you for Audible to help make me laugh, cry, and driving to meeting up with friends and family that much easier.
  14. Grateful for integration for it’s not always the easiest but it’s incredibly fulfilling.
  15. I’m grateful for Landmark’s Team Leadership and Management Program and I was just chosen as the Communication Course Power to Create Accountability for next quarter. I’m humbled by the positive feedback and I’m excited to play with the dream team!
  16. Grateful to be spending my birthday today with 19 other loving friends and family.
  17. Grateful for my SDR Daniel who is so committed to the craft and is growing everyday.
  18. I’m grateful for a manager who cares and leads by example. She is not only a great leader and she is also such a kind, loving mother to her kids.
  19. Grateful that I still keep in touch with many LinkedIn and TriNet folks. Those have been so formative in creating who I am today.
  20. Grateful for the power of choice and in the states we have the ability to freely express ourselves.
  21. Grateful for the progress I’ve made since the pandemic never in a million years did I think I would take a remote job and it’s given me so much time back into my day.
  22. I’m grateful for my mother’s love unconditionally there is such beauty with her love for her kids.
  23. I’m grateful for my grandmother who texted me Happy Birthday today in English. Whoa- mind is blown!
  24. I’m grateful for having such a strong support system that I feel like I have so many people I can call up anytime I have any breakdowns.
  25. I’m grateful for our Accomplishment Coaching Community and being able to be with Christine Sachs, Mark Hunter, Nicole Gio, Jeff Zacharski, and Antonio Brasse was a great time.
  26. I’m grateful for the power of the internet we can access so much information it’s a beautiful thing.
  27. I’m grateful for the power of WordPress thank you for allowing me to practice and share my voice where many Asians struggle with.
  28. I’m grateful for my Crossfit family in North Brunswick and beyond. It’s allowed me to grow and push myself every day to become better and more confident.
  29. I’m grateful for Pi Delta Psi to have practice leadership and for granting us the ability to connect with people all over the world.
  30. I’m grateful for turning 34 for I become more comfortable in my own skin every single day.
  31. I’m grateful for the wisdom that pain and suffering gives you.
  32. I’m grateful for being uncomfortable every day for that the biggest opportunity lies in sitting in the discomfort just a little bit more.
  33. I’m grateful to be an Amazon Best Seller Author multiple times. Thank you Green Heart Living!
  34. I’m grateful for my family and the unconditional love they show me especially when I was finding myself as a teenager.

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