30 people that I would like to share gratitude towards today

  1. My mother– spending quality time with her yesterday was nice. Yesterday we watched a documentary on Nail Salons, and the hard work that she put herself through to provide for the family, being a single mother is challenging. I’m grateful that she took the chance to come to the US and because of that my sisters and I have a much better quality of life in terms of opportunities and freedom to choose. 
  2. My wife– getting married has been one of the best decisions of my life. I’m so fortunate to have Sammy- someone who cares so deeply about me. When she texts me when I going home when I am hiking or going to the park, it warms my heart to know that I have someone who wants to spend every day of her life with me. I’m truly blessed. I love you, Sammy Sweetheart, and I love it to see you happy, like when we went to the new mall, the American Dream, the other day she was so happy that I was contributing to picking which outfits look great on her. I used to say you look great in everything, but I have learned that not very helpful… lol. 
  3. My sister Jenny– her consistent displays and acts of service is appreciated. I’m grateful to have a sister that’s always present, listening and has a heart of gold. 
  4. Grandmother on my mom’s side. My grandmother is precious and always wants us to be safe. She’s careful, she’s funny, and I love it when she hangs out with her friends. She’s so cool, even-keeled, and when she smiles, it lights up my world. 
  5. Jeff Zacharski– working out with you three days a week for the past five months has been a blast. Your vision, desire to improve, and self-reflections are always grounding and allow us to process the crazy times we are going through. 
  6. My manager Kartapurkh Khalsa– thank you so much for hiring me and allowing me to have a life of fulfillment. My career has helped me get married, buy a home and provide for my future family. Words cannot describe the gratitude I have for a fantastic career here at LinkedIn. 
  7. Anthea Chang– my mother in law is so kind and has such positive energy. She always wants to make sure we are safe and sound. She’s a great cook! She’s happy and is thoughtful in every interaction. She always remembers what yogurt I enjoy to eat and the little things she’s always thinking about how to make sure succeed in life.
  8. Peter Chang– my father in law, is protective ambitious, and he provides so much security and comfort for his family. When you model behavior that allows your kids to live comfortable lives, it shows how much influence a father can have on their kids; values. Sammy’s big heart is definitely influenced by how much time and energy their family puts into their relationships. They never miss the 7 pm dinner time- which is beautiful. 
  9. Vicki King– I’m grateful that we have been friends since the first day of school at Rutgers. You are always smiling, and we always have a good laugh sometimes at my expense 😛 but isn’t that what relationships are to be able to laugh at all of the silly mistakes we’ve made through crazy decisions and hopefully learning from them. 
  10. Jeremy King– You are so kind and so caring. Love our fun conversations and your presence. Thank you for hosting us at your house for so many birthday celebrations and so many holidays. We’re excited to be closer to you two so that we can celebrate many more memories together!
  11. Edwin Aristor– Our friendship means the world to me. We are genuinely doppelgangers, which is great because I think you are truly amazing! You model behavior that makes it possible for men to be their true authentic selves. Your devotion and commitment to taking responsibility and discovery will take you far in life. Thank you for sharing your Tony Robbins experience- it’s honestly been one of the most significant life-changing programs I’ve ever completed. 
  12. Paul Ly– Our consistency working out every week has been a great source of escaping the reality of the situations amidst COVID- our relationship has grown and seeing your muscles grow and a result of our commitment. Thanks for being you and for always being authentically awesome!
  13. Hayden Humphrey– Working out with you, Paul, and Jeff, most mornings has been a highlight of the past five months. I’m glad we crossed paves, and the value you bring to your communities helps us know that it is possible to live life from a place of grace, freedom, discipline, and choice.
  14. My father– You did the best you could given the circumstances. Coming to America I’m sure, was not easy, but you took the chance- Tina, Jenny, and I now have the opportunity to create lives of abundance, joy, and prosperity. It was nice eating dim sum, hanging out at Tina’s house, and getting food in Chinatown (Philly and NYC) with the whole family again. It’s been 18 years since the entire family has hung out, and I’m grateful for that experience. 
  15. Ivana Pham– Thank you for your friendship and your ongoing support. You always help me feel like a million bucks at any given. All of the laughter, tears, and striving for excellence has helped me appreciate the art and craft of sales. You will continue to thrive because of your hard work and your desire for self-discovery. Your self-awareness is impressive, and I cannot wait to see how many awards and competitions you continue to take home through deliberative practice. 
  16. Auntie Julie- Thank you for all that you do to bring the family together. We appreciate all of your dedication, and your million dollar smile lights up the room when we all get together for so many Christmases and Holidays. 
  17. Uncle Tango– Thanks for being such an incredible role model! You don’t look a day over 30, and you are such a great father and uncle. Your strength for the family and kindness is well received.  
  18. Toan Hang– Thank you, cousin! We appreciate the TV, and we will be thinking of you every time the Eagles play the Giants 😛 Fatherhood looks excellent on you, and I understand that you do a lot to bring the family together, always being the glue that holds us close. 
  19. Joel Hang– Thank you for always listening and being such a great friend. I’m lucky that you reach out and that you have so much wisdom to offer everyone. Your advice, maturity, and kindness are respected. My mother told me the other day that when I was a kid, you used to spoil me with love I guess that hasn’t changed too much, but now it looks like poking fun at me 😛
  20. Christina Nguyen– Thank you, Sister! I’m so happy that our family is growing and that you and Edwin get to spend the rest of your lives together! You’re always having fun, and you bring joy and excitement into everything you do. Your commitment to health and exploration is inspiring! I never want to see you let that go. Keep on being the adventurous soul you are, and you will continue to bring laughter and joy into all of your projects. 
  21. Tony Robbins– Thank you so much for being the one to help transform so many lives. If I did not discover your content and your events, I would not have such a fulfilling vision of transforming millions of lives around me. You helped me see the greatness and potential of my actions and decisions. 
  22. Mark Hunter-Working with you as my coach has been extremely productive and the soul searching conversations have helped me produce results unimaginable at this age in my life. I see the impact, and I see my leadership shine through our insightful discussions. 
  23. Brandon Ngai- The world should surround themselves with people like Brandon who make me feel like I can literally accomplish anything I put my mind through. Your ambition, personality, and friendship have helped me grow into a beautiful human being. Keep doing you, and you will continue to help other people buy their dream homes. 
  24. Prem Itharat– Thank you for your partnership. Hiking with you and being able to be around good people in the world has helped me give back to the community in ways that have opened my heart to this beautiful world we live in. You make friends easily, and you make it possible for all of us to have freedom and choice. Love hearing your traveling the world stories, and I can’t wait to summit many more mountains with you, my friend. 
  25. Myself- I would like to share gratitude for myself. Very rarely do we pat ourselves on the back and give ourselves space to acknowledge how many lives we impact. I’m grateful that through sharing my stories and being my 100% self, I can impact the world and create change. It’s a beautiful time to be alive if we take the step back and share gratitude for what we have. 
  26. Auntie Lynn– Thank you so much for all of your contributions to the family. You have done so much to bring us closer together. Having 50+ family members in our house is not always easy, but all of the Holidays and father gatherings have helped me see how lucky we are to have each other in our lives. 
  27. Uncle Richie– Thank you for your humor, laughter, sense of security. I love our conversations- you know how to brighten someone’s day through your stories and your smile. 
  28. Auntie Junnie– Thank you so much for always spoiling us with gifts, and you are beautiful inside and out! You look so young and always care so much for everyone. We are lucky to have you in our lives. 
  29. Co Thao– Thank you so much, auntie, for being happy and being such a great mother. You show us love, and you are genuinely interested in how everyone is doing. You lift others up, and you have such a great laugh and smile. 
  30. Grandmother on my dad’s side- Coming to America was not easy raising as many kids as you have. Thank you for coming here and helping us all have much better lives in this country. You help bring us together, and it’s never easy getting 50+ people together because of so much history, opinions, and conflicting energies at times. Family was not always my biggest priority in life. Still, as our family grows, I see that the best part about life is getting outside ourselves and thinking about something bigger than ourselves. Thank you for everything! I’m grateful that you took the chance to flee Vietnam in hopes of a better opportunity. It looks like we have reached that goal. =)


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Davidson was once broke, insecure, low-confidence, and frustrated by doing all the wrong activities. Addicted to drugs, validation, and wallowing in self-pity. No relationship to family, and at the mercy of other people’s suggestions and opinions.

It was hell.

After spending $100k hiring different coaches, traveling the world doing workshops around the world, reading>1000 books, and through curiosity, have created the most effective system to remove people from that situation. My life’s work is to bring joy and abundance to people who as on a similar path as I was and bring back the joy and abundance of their life.

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