Being a Minority in Tech Sales how to Exceed through Adding Value


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Salman Mohiuddin discusses being Muslim in sales and some of the challenges that come with being a minority in a white dominant industry. Check out his profile to learn more about what Salman is up to.

  • 7 years at Salesforce – Commercial AE to Strategic Enterprise AE for the top banks and insurers in Canada
  • 6 years at IBM – SDR to Commercial Account Executive to Field Account Executive

My top ten takeaways from this conversation

  1. Double down on your unique differentiators
  2. Being true to yourself
  3. How to say No during Sales meeting everyone is drinking
  4. Building relationships with your clients by adding value
  5. Honor your heritage
  6. Setting boundaries to focus on what truly matters to you
  7. Elevating the sales game with integrity and ethics
  8. How to deal with sales pressure
  9. Inspiration to trust the process
  10. Go-Giver Mentality

Check this episode if you have ever felt like you don’t know how to act in certain sales situations and how to thrive by owning your power.

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Davidson is an avid networker, personal growth- life and business coach.

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