Men’s Mental Health Month

June is Men’s Mental Health Month
I wondered why men have their own mental health month

On average, men live 5 years less than women, and men have a higher suicide rate.

Culturally, there’s a lot of pressure on men to be unwavering and to provide financially for their families. That often creates high levels of stress and anxiety. On top of that, men may have a genetic predisposition to mental health issues, or they may experience trauma from work or military experiences.
Starting conversations about these topics can be very helpful.

“Hopefully as time goes on and we’re seeing better trends in relationships in particular – it’s a partnership – hopefully we will continue to see these kinds of expectations that are cultural and societal shift,” Mason said.
Mason had a message for men considering seeking treatment. “We need to develop a sense of vulnerability and transparency about what we feel. We need to be able to speak that and not to feel like that we’re less than.”

Making this post to raise awareness if you do not need support, feel free to reach out or check out psychologytoday for a lot of resources.



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