A tribute to a friend who passed away recently

Just thinking about Dave Lin
His live funeral viewing is today
You can’t take life for granted

What I appreciate about you Dave is your ability to bring people together. You always knew how to have a good time. You never say no to anything, and you lived a life with no regrets.

Thank you for all of the random hangouts, the beer pong, the random adventures driving everywhere, the crazy conversations, and shared Reddit posts with cute pets, but really for having the courage to be disliked.
You were so yourself, and I admired the confidence you exuded everywhere you went.

I’ll never forget hanging out in ktown on Thanksgiving and thinking man this guy sure how to party. I’m not sure if I can keep up 😛 but I always did somehow… haha.

I love you, brother I’ll carry you with me wherever you go. You taught me to not take life so seriously. Life is about relationships, love, appreciating the little things. Thanks for the dinners for picking me up in your cool whip. There were some dumb decisions we have made forgetter too, but that’s life, right…
It makes me sad we were going to visit you in HK this year when visiting Sammy’s family. I’m sorry I didn’t reach out to stay in touch. Sigh… we can never take life for granted. What you can count on me is to always remember to value relationships. I sure know you did.

Live Eulogy at 115pm Hong Kong time. 1215 am US Eastern time so Thursday slightly pass Wednesday’s Midnight into Thursday.

If anyone wants to contribute to the GoFundMe Here is the link.



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