Roadtrip to West Virginia

Yesterday I started driving from 9 am and got into our hotel in West Virginia close to 11 pm. That was the longest solo drive I’ve ever done. It was a lot of fun. I realized when you have a fun car, and it’s a lot more fun to drive.

Man, time certainly passes by. Than is my little bro in Pi Delta Psi has two kids now, and he’s always been pretty mature in terms of working hard and being a great human being.

I also stopped by Balitmore, MD to hang out with Liam. Always great spending time with quality people. He treated me to lunch, so I’m always grateful for that.

Then I stopped by Hubert’s place, and I did not realize he is over 50 years old with three kids. I thought he was like 40. It’s great that we Asians still look very young when we are older. We had some good conversations there.

Then I stopped by this burger point in Virginia, met this cool guy, and had a great conversation with him. It’s funny how sometimes we put up a wall, and then he started the conversation, and all the walls came down. Life is interesting like that.

When I got to West Virginia, driving up and down the mountains was pretty cool. There are certainly a lot of mountains here, but driving at night, I couldn’t get to appreciate the beauty of the mountains as much, so I’m looking forward to seeing it more deeply during the day. I’m sorry, I’m going to experience the mountains today, it sounds like. Sometimes about that flow state of running for hours, that just feels so nice going back to our ancestors days when we had to do more of that.


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