Be Seen, Be Heard

Very powerful event with over 1439 attendees from over 50 ERGs with Be Seen, Be Heard.
Thank you, Eric Toda, Tammy Cho, Allen Shim, CFA, Linda Lin, and Dion Lim.
Some takeaways from the conversation today.
-Mental Health stigma is an issue in our community
-D&I training, unconscious bias training is a good start but are outdated.
-It can be exhausting to educate everyone. Take initiative and do research on your own.
-A lot of us still feel like we do not have a voice or we have to hide our pain.
-Media should stop portraying Asians as Nerds, Weirdos, etc.
-Asians are afraid that this is just going to be a moment and we are going to be forgotten again.
Beyond gathering with the Asian community today, it would be remiss not to address that we are part of one larger human community. We stand in solidarity with the Black community and against recent violence. With today’s guilty verdict in the Chauvin trial, we hope to see continued justice served for the Black community.


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