25 Mothers that I would like to share gratitude towards today (Mother’s Day Reflection)

I wanted to give gratitude to 25 mothers who have made a difference in my life by leading by example! Thank you for everything that you do for your kids and beyond!

  1. My own mom of course (Chi Chi Nguyen)
  2. Phyllis Jones
  3. Marquita Liguori
  4. Anthea Chang
  5. Davis’ Mother
  6. Chao Zhang
  7. Julie Tran
  8. 8. Regina Yu
  9. Grandmother -Hue Nguyen
  10. Grandma on my dad’s side
  11. Kyrie
  12. Gina Hansen
  13. Derlys
  14. Mrs. Grawbowski (Mark and Steve’s mother)
  15. Nicole Bagnoli
  16. Noelani
  17. Linh Hoo
  18. Julie Hang(Chi Hang)
  19. Diane
  20. Junnie Hang
  21. Anna
  22. Kerry Franks
  23. Christy Nann
  24. Linda Chu
  25. Christine Sachs

I made a video for all of the amazing mothers out there in reflection of this year’s Mother’s day!

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