What I have learned from Walter Isaacson’s Leonardo Da Vinci’s biography

First of all, Walter Isaacson is an amazing researcher. His depth of knowledge and passion for finding out and digging deep to find out information is amazing. He is such a great detective.

  1.  Polymath- He was well versed in virtually every subject from exploring biography, geography, engineering, military, architecture, art, and studying personal interest topics such as Woodpecker, birds, and basically everything in life.
  2. Curiosity, wow. The ability to document thousands of pages of discoveries and findings every hour and every minute. Truly an inspiring feat.
  3.  Attention to the detail to the point where it actually affected his ability to finish projects but it truly made him unique and want to learn more about perfecting his crafts.
  4. Partnerships, he had so many apprentices and people that if he would have partnered with other brilliant folks they could have published some of his findings and he would be even more famous.
  5. Mentors- he had many mentors in life and surrounded himself with the world’s greatest.
  6. Your location matters, he purposefully surrounded himself with other amazing painters sculptors and people that pushed him to strive for more.
  7. Belief in himself, he knew what he was capable of at a young age. He knew and was determined to become great despite being homosexual he conquered the adversity and pushed through all of the obstacles and challenges.
  8. Creativity and art. He was able to combine his experience from creating plays and performers to add a special layer and touch to his masterpieces.
  9. Leaving a legacy. Life is really about making a difference and Leonardo did just that. He took care of everyone around him and he was not able to even hurt a fly. He became vegetarian because he wanted to leave the world in an impactful way not hurting anyone and or anything.
  10. Just be yourself. He was never shy about expressing how he truly felt and was a man that stood for what he wanted whether it was being the best damn engineer in the country or being the most meticulous artist.



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