Are you addicted to sugar?

“To handle yourself, use your head; to handle others, use your heart.” -Eleanor Roosevelt

“Cutting out sugar. It’s so Hollywood, I know, but I had a real sugar addiction for many years, and it affected everything from the quality of my sleep to how effective I was throughout the day. I was like a drug addict. I had to have sugar at certain times of the day just to function. When I cut it out of my diet, my blood sugar stabilized, my energy leveled out, my workouts got better, my mental acuity improved- literally everything got better when I stopped eating sugar. It was probably the hardest adjustment I’ve ever made in my diet but completely worth it. ” (p.434) – Aisha Tyler (actor, comedian, director, author, activist- best known for co-host The Talk, and for the voice of Lana Kane in Archer)

  1. Substituting dark chocolate for the froyo.
  2. Grab a greek yogurt or baked sweet potato when I was dying for something sweet

I focus on high- protein, high-healthy fats meals now, which keeps me off the sugary crack. But I still eat a bit of dark chocolate when I am jonesing for a fix. I mean, I’m not a robot.” (p.434) in Tribe of Mentors.

Marie Kondo method: Discard everything that does not spark joy.

That solitude is exquisite.

I can certainly relate. I am slowing trying to wean myself off of sugar. I still eat too many fruits and sugar is my worst enemy.

I have been trying dark chocolates 86% and higher. I actually feel like I have much more energy than usual. It’s an interesting experiment. I recommend you all to try it. Let me know how it works out for you all.


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