Some more amazing Tribe of Mentor quotes

“Responsibilities that are borne of passion give you more energy. If a request would give me another responsibility that I’m passionate about, I’ll do it. If not, I’ve found ways of saying no. My Harvard colleague Robin Bernstein has this great piece on artful ways of saying no, titled “The Art of No.”

“It helps me relax and remember that I am, as well all are, a part of something larger.

So when I’m overwhelmed, I try to get myself out into nature, a place that reminds me of the surrounding with a set of systems and laws that govern movements.If I’m city- bound, I’ll stargaze and then return to work with a sense of relaxation and support.” (p.339)

-Sarah Elizabeth Lewis

These are so powerful. Something around nature grounds me especially living in a huge city like New York City. There is still grounding about things like stars, comets, planets and just mother nature.

This part resonated with me so vividly. (p.342) “It teaches the importance of inner exploration if we are to see beyond the programmed prejudices and limitations of the egoic mind. In other words, if we are to see life clearly. It points to the impossibility of finding peace in the world outside of ourselves if we can’t locate it within, an insight my own experience has corroborated over and over again.”

Yoga: “It has been transformative, granting me access to a sense of inner spaciousness and lightness I was hitherto little familiar with.”

I can certainly relate as I also think Yoga has granted me more inner peace the more I do it.

“And don’t confuse being driven with being authentically animated by an inner calling. One state leaves you depleted and unfulfilled; the other fuels your soul and makes your heart sing”. (p.344) – Dr. Gabor Mate

“A process that always starts with nonjudgmental curiosity and compassion.”

“Is what I am doing right now aligned with my life’s calling” My calling- what lights me up and inspires me the most- is freedom for everyone, including myself: politically, socially, emotionally, and spirituality.”


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