Tribe of mentors quotes-Jerome Jarre

“The world needs healers and problem-solvers who use their hearts. Your heart is a million times more powerful than your brain.” (P.262) -Jerome Jarre.

He talks about be wary of corruption of your legacy. If you work for a company you do not believe in during your death bed you are not going to happy no matter how much money you have created for yourself. 

He is referring to Bernays book about how he sold out. 

He even talks about humanitarianism is a giant industry. You can start your own anyone can if they truly feel strong enough about it. 

“I love being alone with food. By eating slowly and putting so many intentions into my food, I have started to develop a stronger sense of taste than I used to have. So when I eat, I tend to get very emotional with the taste of the food. These types of little, real moments get you out of your head. ” (p.264) 

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