What advice would you give to your younger self 5 years ago? And one for ten years ago?

“To not be afraid to dream big. That the only one that can hold you back is yourself.”

5 Year Ago Self: Seek self-reliance; don’t use dependence on others as a crutch. Take responsibility for where you are in your life and accept, filter and strive to solve the problems that affect you and are within your control. Find out your “why?” and pursue it through a “how?” that feeds your greatest passion not your will for more money.

10 Year Ago Self: Use the lessons you learned through your most passionate extra curricular activities and apply those lessons of forward thinking, innovation, hard work and consistency to what impacts your future the most. Don’t be afraid to challenge the status quo or others’ expectations of you. Set yourself up for fulfillment, not immediate gratification.

5 years ago? Study hard, work hard. Don’t waste your potential. Don’t dismiss opportunities because they don’t seem to align with your vision. 10 Years ago? Let myself know that I had depression and its something that can be fought, and to not let it consume you. I would have encouraged myself to work with technology more, even learn coding earlier.

5 yrs ago: 1. Drink coconut water. 2. Your hair is beautiful. 3. You are enough. 4. Capoeira will save your life. Train! 5. Your own pace, is the right pace.

10 years ago: 1. Work on being consistent. 2. Ask for help when you need it. 3. Try new things. 4. Let go of fear of your potential. 5. Vulnerability is ok, beautiful even.

5 Years ago was when Jack and Cat were born…. I would tell myself that everyone has their own “season” in life and it is okay to have kids early. Having kids doesn’t mean that I’m missing out in life, it means I get to figure out my priorities earlier in life. Don’t worry about what other people are doing with their life and know that my time will come. Just because someone started their career earlier, doesn’t mean they will succeed earlier. Stop comparing your life to others… you cannot compare luck and timing. Feeling upset and frustrated is not a sign of weakness… recognizing those feelings and talking about it is a sign of growth in personal development. You don’t need a traditional 9-5 job, there are so many ways to bring home income that is flexible for moms.

10 Years Ago I was in high school… Stop revolving your life around that boy! Be comfortable in your own skin and live your life. Work smart, not hard in school.

I would say “feel not sure after the actuarial interviews? That’s your heart is telling you this is not who you are! Honor your intuition and get the core of who you are, what makes you happy! What you do is a big part of your life, so spread your positive energy in things make you feel alive!” Also, find a coach from AC program lol

5 and 10 years ago I would definitely tell myself not to spend so much money on material things (you don’t need all that stuff!) and invest way more of it. Also, don’t care about what other people think – don’t let their opinions dictate your actions. Just follow your heart and what pulls at you.

My boyfriend said 5 years ago, his advice would also be save more money so u can pursue the things u really want and not be tied to your income.

10 years ago I would also advise myself to love myself more – work on my self love and respect myself more.

But really I would want my younger self to know it’s all going to be ok. You are exactly where u need to be and going thru what u need to be, to get to where you are going 🙂 so don’t sweat it so much and have fun!

I would’ve told myself to stay focused and that learning and development wasn’t over.
10 years ago I would say to work hard in school and focus on yourself and don’t put your BF first.
5 years ago: Don’t be afraid to walk into new challenges. If anything, you’ll have a larger set of experiences. 10 years ago: Be yourself. Aim to do things that speaks to your strengths, weaknesses and your interests.
I wrote..
10 years ago.
1. Read more non-fiction books such as How to win friends and influence people by Dale Carnegie.
2. Read more financial related books such as Rich dad poor dad.
3. Learn how to say no
4. Stop caring so much about what other people think. Stop being a people pleaser.
5. Choose a major that you like! such as Psychology. Which is very useful for sales.
5 years ago
1. Go directly into a software sales position right away
2. Make a goal to read 36 books a year.
3. Focus on your routines, habits, listen to podcasts from Lewis Howes and Tim Ferriss.
4. Read all of the Tony Robbins books and internalize them.
5. Do not judge people ever.
These are some of the ones people told me today.
What about for you?


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