10 things I learned from my manager-Manager of the Year award during our Annual Sales Kick Off

These are my reflections on the things we’ve worked on together and how she’s helped me reach so many of my goals in life inside and outside of work.

Ten things I learned from my manager-Manager of the Year award during our Annual Sales Kick-Off

I love sharing my reflections with you all because it helps me process things and it ends up helping people during the process.

  1. Keeping it simple– She’s a pro at communication. She’s always concise and has pushed us to simplify everything. Every email or conversation with a client. She’s a huge advocate of less is more. 
  2. Focus– everyone knows I have so many things that I would like to accomplish- Being involved with the LinkedIn Asian Alliance has granted me some of my best memories, but at the end of the day crushing my role will allow me the space to be able to dedicate to other things. She’s a massive advocate of excelling at your day to day before you take on additional responsibilities. I’m grateful that she helps me stay grounded throughout a hectic last six months. 
  3. Time management and calendar management– what a valuable skill in the world of distractions. By color-coding my calendar- it helps me focus on my core activities. 
  4. Taking care of self and energy management– She always makes sure that we are doing okay as a human being first, and that simple check-in means the world to me. Obviously, we all have a job to do, but she’s super aware of reading people’s energy and can tell when something is off. It’s nice to know that she cares about us as human beings and, during the hiring process, admits to hiring kind, good-hearted human beings first. 
  5. Being adaptive to everyone’s needs– she’s super inclusive and is able to get everyone’s opinions so every team member feels heard. That is such a powerful skill and truly takes compassion and adaptability to be able to be so understanding all of the time. 
  6. Knowing your business well and build a strong foundation– Understanding the ins and outs of your business is crucial and, to be honest, I did not focus on that as much as I should have in the beginning. I am doing a much better job at it now because I realized that taking LinkedIn Learning courses on how to read a P&L and understanding strategy a lot more will help me not only in excelling as an Account Executive but as a human being too. 
  7. Not getting distracted by external things– She’s so incredibly focused on coaching and helping others get promoted. Clarity is her super power-her desk is so clean, and you can tell that she is entirely present because of how clarity of thought and words. 
  8. Understand everyone’s strengths and areas of opportunity- She’s able to build a well-rounded team through understanding how we all operate and pushing us to work on our weaknesses to become more well-rounded professionals. It’s no surprise that our team is excelling so much because she’s able to help understand why some of our weaknesses is preventing us becoming the best versions of ourselves. 
  9. Having bigger goals- A mark of a great manager is seeing greatness in her team before they even see it themselves. I want to say that I always think of myself as an intelligent human being, but she pushes us to think bigger and has a BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) which, what do you know actually works. 
  10. Joy in the process– The last team meeting we spent it playing pictionary together, which was a lot of fun. She knows when to work hard and play hard too. It’s awesome to see us laugh and smile and reading the room to be able to pivot when we need it. 

Thank you, KP. I appreciate your leadership, and I’m so grateful that we get to build dreams together through active listening and execution. 

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