10 things I learned at the Sales Success Summit 2019 in Austin, TX

It was pretty cool meeting many role models that I’ve listened to on Scott Ingram’s podcast.

These are the things I learned from attending this year’s Sales Success Summit.

  1. Relationships matter– I was able to build relationships with such amazing, kind people willing to help others. These were plenty of top sales professionals who

    were the #1 rep in their org, but you wouldn’t be able to tell because they were so humble. 

  2. Surrounding yourself with people with the right mindset. Being able to be surrounded by optimistic, positive people will have a big influence on me, my goals, and my attitude. 
  3. Go outside your comfort zone-Flying out to another state where you have never met any of these people in real life before. I always get something out of pushing myself to interact and talk to people whom I have never met before. We all share the same interest in improving our skills and implementing a growth mindset through learning from the Sales Success Podcast.
  4. Practice public speaking– The ability to continually put yourself out there and speak in front of an audience helps one become more comfortable with owning your story. Meeting so many thought leaders inspired me to write more content and be committed to my blog and sharing the lessons I have learned to my community. 
  5. Grow, learn, and humility. Even though there were top #1 Sales reps from so many different companies, the people I’ve met at the conference still believed that they have so much to learn. It inspired me to know that I am not the only one who is obsessed with learning and growth. I am often told that I am crazy for doing things like the 1000 book journey and how I am so passionate about growth. It’s nice to be surrounded by a community that believes in the same values that I do. 
  6. Support your community, at the end of the conference, Scott donated a portion of the ticket sales to the local artist community. Successful people always give back because the community is everything. 
  7. Podcasts have a global reach– It was so much fun meeting people from Seattle, Vancouver, Toronto, Philadelphia, and pretty much all over the world. I respect podcasters because they are consistent and want to share with the world the knowledge that they learn. They fulfill so many needs by being about to share with listeners from all over the world. 
  8. Sales affect every aspect of life– Being able to get along with people, enrolling people into your vision, providing for your family, or even general business skills. The process, grit, and work ethic required to be successful in sales carry through every aspect of life. 
  9. Follow up– having a conference/summit is great, but what is more important is the time you put in to follow up and continue to cultivate relationships. The more energy you put into it, the more opportunity you will get out of any awesome experience.
  10. Create a unique experience– everything from choosing the venue, activities, panel discussions, topics, and even the breaks were intentionally designed to drive engagement, build relationships. I’m glad Scott put so much time and energy into crafting a fun and interactive conference. It’s inspiring for me because many of the things he does are things I aspire to do. He helped me push myself outside my comfort zone to release my podcast. I am thankful for Scott to help me put myself out there. 

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